Mia's Adoption

God planted a seed of adoption about 8 years ago at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. I was pregnant with our second precious son. I didn't realize there was such a need for the orphan and well it just broke my heart to hear. I knew someday we would go to China and adopt. I didn't know when or how just that we would.

I Love how God uses his people to stir the hearts of others for his purpose. Well 8 years later we are at home with our precious girl. I have loved her for so many years even before God brought a picture. I knew that she was in China needing her mommy and that was what kept me going. When we got her referral picture I knew without a doubt that she was my  daughter. We hadn't even let the doctor look at her file and review her special needs............. we knew she was our daughter.

We went Waiting Child China for our adoption and I would do it all over again. At first we were a little nervous, but now after seeing the need there is for these children we would do it all over again. If God calls you to adopt waiting child or healthy he will give you the strength needed to take care of that child.

Mia's special need was Growth and Developmental Delays, and I have to say she is doing well and learning new things everyday. We love this little peanut so much and she fits in our family so well. I have never seen my boys fight over wanting to love on their sister. It is so sweet.

If you have any questions about adoption feel free to email me aleggio@gmail.com