Sunday, December 17, 2017

November Hunting Trip 2017

We did our annual family hunting trip and the boys took an extra one the weekend before Thanksgiving. On the man trip Ethan hunted with his new AR he and Joe built together. Grandpa Leggio had bought the parts for the gun last Christmas and as Joe saw Ethan growing in his biblical manhood journey he got to add parts to his gun. He was excited to hunt by himself this year and he shot a spike and then a hog on our family trip. He also drove us all over the deer lease which was fun to see him own all this new responsibility. On the man trip Corbin shot an eight point buck that we are getting mounted for him, and a Corsican Ram on our family trip. I got in on the action and shot a Audad which I was excited about. And we get all this yummy organic meat for the year!!!!! We process it ourselves and make burger, breakfast sausage and links. 

Wild story to me shooting my Audad is that it is very rough, rocky and hilly terrain wear we hunt and my animal fell half way down a big hill. Ethan came to get me and he and I dragged that 200 lb Audad about 50 yards up a steep rocky hill. We laughed and laughed!!!! Something he and I will always remember for sure. And I half to say I probably didn’t help much lol. Good thing he’s been working out a lot it came in handy 😂😂😂

We had a great time camping and enjoying the outdoors. It will be a well remembered trip!!!!

My Leggio Loves waiting to eat at our favorite stop before the deer lease.

     Ethan’s hog he shot this season

               Corbin’s Corsican 

My Audad we had to drag up the steep hill!!!!

Ethan’s first hunt by himself with his gun.

     Corbin’s Big Buck of the season

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quilt'n-mama said...

Sounds like you had an awesome hunt! My kiddos enjoy hunting too- the boys are going Elk hunting in January and can't wait!