Monday, June 5, 2017

Xian Day 4 Teagan Day

Today We woke up full of so many emotions excitement and nervousness and everything in between. Our Gotcha Day appointment wasn't until 3:00, so Joe and I trekked all over Xian before we met our son.
We headed to the Civil Affairs office at 2:45 with another AWAA family. We arrived and our children were already there. When we walked in their was our sweet boy smiling and happy. He would't come to me, but went straight to Joe. Teagan was all smiles until we had to do Visa and Family picture and then the tears came. He wanted nothing to do with the photographer. That was the most traumatic part of the day. We honestly couldn't believe how loving, smiley and happy he was. The prayers of all of you were deeply felt. 
He is a absolute JOY!!!!! We are so in love!!!!

He went straight to his daddy

We can't believe we have him in our arms

                                           His Nanny from Hope Haven that loved him well

Daddy's buddy

Teagan James Leggio

Playing on the floor

Leaving to go get McDonalds

                                           Teagan officially likes french fries and nuggets

                                                                First bath with us


dawn said...

Congrats on your beautiful son! Our son is also from Hope Haven and home for 2 years. Xian is such a great place to stay. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Leggio said...

That is wonderful!!!! Do you live close to Texas?

Leggio said...

And yes it is very beautiful here.