Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Xian

It is always very bittersweet leaving our child's province. My mama heart is always full of so many emotions. Xian is absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun exploring here. 

For our last day we had lunch with our guide Sherry at a very local noodle shop, and then we walked across the street to the barber shop to have Teagan's hair cut like a little Chinese Hipster. 

First Barber shop hair cut

He was so good

He loved it!!!!!!

Our Gift From God in Xian

Chilling with daddy at Starbucks

First plane ride


Shay Ankerich said...

He could not be more adorable!!!! Thankful the first leg is done and almost 1/2 with last leg. Guangzhou is great but almost home!!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Adorable! Blessings

Stephanie M said...

Oh My Goodness - that smile!!! He is absolutely adorable! I can imagine how your heart feels right now, Amber!!! So glad you are in Guangzhou now - as bittersweet as it is. The last leg before you are HOME SWEET HOME!

Leggio said...

I know I am missing my other kiddos like crazy. And my sweet Austin is sick now but we have to watch him close because his oxygen levels drop when he is sick. We leave in three days

Leggio said...

Ready to see my kiddos!!!!!!

Leggio said...

Thank you Debbie

Janice Willis said...

Three days... continuing to pray friend!

Alicia said...

Y'all ALL look wonderful!!!!! So so happy for you guys!!! Not too much longer y'all will be HOME!!! Yay!!!