Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Golf Tournament Gary Player The Woodlands for Ethan and Austin

Two days after we got home from China the boys golf tournaments started. I missed sweet Corbin's because Mama and Teagan were wore out from the jet lag, and I had just fallen back asleep about the time we needed to be up to head to the golf tournament. He placed 2nd place at Pecan Hills in Navasota. I was so proud of my sweet boy. His brothers and daddy were there to cheer him on.

The next day we headed to Ethan and Austin's golf tournament in The Woodlands at the Gary Player Course. This was the older two's first tourney and the competition at this and it is harder. You have kids hitting in the 70's (which is Amazing!!!) at this age. 

Our boys love golf because we can do it as a family and if they win a tournament than that is a bonus to the joy of playing. I sure do love watching them play on the course. I was proud of my boys for doing their best in this Texas heat. :)

Austin Teeing off on his first hole

Love watching him play

Lining up his shot

My sidekicks watching their brother's play

Ethan teeing off on the tenth hole

Down the fairway

That concentration!!!

My handsome boy!!!!!

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Shay Ankerich said...

Go Ethan and Austin!!!!! And Gary Player was always my favorite to follow back in the day!!!!!