Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guangzhou Days

We had medical exam early Saturday morning, he was all smiles until they took him away from us for his blood draw. Daddy got all choked up handing him off, while Teagan was screaming reaching for him. We ate some yummy Chinese food for lunch later that day.

Sunday Chen Academy which this was our third time going there, but when in China. :) after we took a taxi over to Shamian Island.

Monday was a free day so we swam and kept it low key, Tuesday was Consulate appointment, Wednesday was Safari Park and today we went to a mountain and took a Gondola up the mountain and hiked down, then headed to the medicinal market to look at all the strange things. LOL

We are back at hotel packing then we are going to have a pizza party with a few families at the hotel playground. 

Tomorrow we leave for home early. We can't wait to see our other kiddos. Please be praying for safe travels and a happy boy.

Teagan's medical exam

Macau Restaurant

AWAA May Travel group

Chen Academy

Little Boy sketching st Chen Academy

Hanging with his daddy

Shamian Island

Lucy's for lunch

He is such a happy boy

Teagan hated the statues

Dong preparing tea for us

Back to tea LOL

Subway riding

This kid is always smiling

Went to the Paddy Field Irish Pub

This boy loves spaghetti

Safari Park

On a Safari

So close to the Rhinos

and the Lions

Tigers crawling up trees. Yikes.

Ready to see Pandas


Heading up the mountain in the Gondola

The Views!!!!

Overlooking Guangzhou

Temple on the mountain

Medicinal Market Sea Horses

Lizards and Snakes anyone

Medicinal Market 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving Xian

It is always very bittersweet leaving our child's province. My mama heart is always full of so many emotions. Xian is absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun exploring here. 

For our last day we had lunch with our guide Sherry at a very local noodle shop, and then we walked across the street to the barber shop to have Teagan's hair cut like a little Chinese Hipster. 

First Barber shop hair cut

He was so good

He loved it!!!!!!

Our Gift From God in Xian

Chilling with daddy at Starbucks

First plane ride

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Xian Days

                        We have been sight seeing all over Xian and surrounding areas. We went to the Terracotta Warriors. These warriors were found by some farmers digging a well. They have repaired many of the warriors that were destroyed by a jealous general. These warriors were meant for the emperor's after life, so he would have a great army. Each one has a different face.

                         Next Day was a free day so we took Teagan to Ocean World Aquarium and then to Tang Paradise (Which is a beautiful park from the Tang Dynasty). We pretty much have been exploring all over Xian by a lot of walking and Taxi. It has been a fun adventure for sure!!!!!

                          Another fun thing happened yesterday morning when we were at breakfast. A mom of 13 kiddos with some adopted came to talk to us about Teagan. We talked for about 45 minutes and we met some of her crew that were in China. She said they were here for business. I asked what they did and it was Trim Healthy Mama!!!!! I had sat and spoke with Serene Allison and didn't even know it. Then I met Pearl and Evangeline. They are the sweetest and most down to earth mama's. It was a treat for sure to meet them and in Xian China of all places.

                             Tomorrow we fly to Guangzhou the third largest city in China for Teagan's medical exam and consulate appointment. We will be there for six days and fly home on the seventh day. Please continue to pray for safe travels and health and for our kiddos back home. Teagan has a cold so we actually started him on an antibiotic yesterday.

Terracotta Warriors

We couldn't even get near the kneeling archer LOL

Daddy and his side kick and a great view

Pearl, Me and Serene of Trim Healthy Mama

Amazed at the Polar Bears

Because who doesn't have a wax museum at the aquarium

His first Spaghetti and he likes it alot

Tang Dynasty Park

Hanging with mom at the park

Coy Fish Feeding

Bath time fun!!!!!@