Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mia's 7th Ballerina Birthday Party

Our Little Mia turned 7!!!!! Every year I am amazed at how fast time flies. I treasure these days as gifts from the Lord with my children. Mia has a huge personality and full of Joy. She has a Big laugh that makes you chuckle. 

She thought she wanted to go to Ballet class so our friend who is in a ballet company and is a ballet teacher came to give Mia, Cora and Payton (the girl's cousin) a ballet class in our living room. Mia loved dressing like a ballerina and the attention, but she wasn't into the ballet learning. This was good to know before we signed her up for ballet. :) She said she will stick to Golf. LOL She still had fun and we are so thankful to Faith for coming out to make Mia's day special.

Mia also had a tall order for a cake she saw in my Grandma's Woman's World. LOL  She carried that book around for months asking her daddy to make her the tall Kitty Cat Cake. I baked a strawberry layer cake and Joe did the decorating. I am the cake baker and he is the cake decorator. Her cake turned out super cute. One of my favorites.

Happy Birthday to our sweet and spunky little 7 year old!!!!! We love to Heaven and Back!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Mia

Kitty Cat Cake

The Ballerina's for the Day

Ballet Class with Faith

Dancing Girls

Blowing out her candles

Mia opening her presents

Family gathered eating and watching Mia open her presents

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