Sunday, April 2, 2017

Living Outside The Box

When we started this adoption process we knew we wanted to be logged in and we even expanded on our special needs we were okay with. But you know God.............He has a way of working and it isn't always what we put in our box of parameters. We had checked off all the special needs we thought we could handle so why did we fall in love with the face of this precious one that didn't fall in those. I remember the Wednesday I saw his face. I knew!!!!! I asked if we could see his file. You see he was special focus and they were advocating for him. They told me there were a lot of inquiries and that they would let us know in a few days. I gave it to God and said Lord if he is ours we will be the family that gets his file. That very next day sometime after lunch the phone rang and we were the furthest family along in the process since we were logged in already. So we got his file!!!!!! We knew nothing about anything listed in his file, but at the same time had peace. We had a pediatric neurologist look at his file and she broke down all the big scary words for us so we could understand what might be going on. We got videos of him a few days later and it confirmed even more that this precious little one was suppose to be in our family. The box we put up came down when we saw his face. God knew and knows that he will carry us through this adoption. Even when we get home we know he will be faithful to guide us. We are so thankful God called us to get outside the box. We are coming sweet Teagan James Leggio!!!!!!

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

He is so cute! So excited for your family! Congratulations!