Wednesday, December 20, 2017

19 years

Joe and I celebrated 19 years today. I am so grateful for the gift of him in my life. He is an amazing husband and father. I am blessed to be his wife. Love spending time with My Love. Good eats and just hanging being together talking about our life together and hopes and dreams. Thank you Lord for the gift of this amazing man!!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

                   Front of card

                    Back of card

Tea with Miss Hannah and Priscilla

We had a tea with Miss Hannah and her sweet sister Priscilla at Martha’s Bloomers. It’s the perfect place for tea with our piano teacher who is like family to us. We love her dearly. It was just the girls plus baby T. We found out he loves, loves strawberry lemondade. Look forward to more teas with the girls!!!! 

He’s a little excited about strawberry lemonade in a tea cup.

My girls and baby T with Miss Hannah and Priscilla

Church Project North County Youth Christmas Party

We had the churches youth Christmas party at our house complete with nacho bar, cookies, gift exchange, gingerbread house decorating contest and this crazy Saran Wrap game Joe found on Pinterest. Kids had a fun and it was neat to see all the kids hanging out together.

Texas Snow Yall 2017

We don’t get snow here in South Texas very often but when we do we declare snow days and build mini snowmen named Jerry. It was a great and fun day. 

Teagan 6 months home

The joy this boy has brought into our family is indescribable. He is such a happy and loving kiddo and we are blessed to call him son. Thankful for all of the people that made it possible for this precious one to come home to his forever family.

My 39th Birthday!!!!

I turned 39 on November 30. I got to spend the day with my love just hanging out and enjoying being together. It was a perfect birthday!!!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

November Hunting Trip 2017

We did our annual family hunting trip and the boys took an extra one the weekend before Thanksgiving. On the man trip Ethan hunted with his new AR he and Joe built together. Grandpa Leggio had bought the parts for the gun last Christmas and as Joe saw Ethan growing in his biblical manhood journey he got to add parts to his gun. He was excited to hunt by himself this year and he shot a spike and then a hog on our family trip. He also drove us all over the deer lease which was fun to see him own all this new responsibility. On the man trip Corbin shot an eight point buck that we are getting mounted for him, and a Corsican Ram on our family trip. I got in on the action and shot a Audad which I was excited about. And we get all this yummy organic meat for the year!!!!! We process it ourselves and make burger, breakfast sausage and links. 

Wild story to me shooting my Audad is that it is very rough, rocky and hilly terrain wear we hunt and my animal fell half way down a big hill. Ethan came to get me and he and I dragged that 200 lb Audad about 50 yards up a steep rocky hill. We laughed and laughed!!!! Something he and I will always remember for sure. And I half to say I probably didn’t help much lol. Good thing he’s been working out a lot it came in handy 😂😂😂

We had a great time camping and enjoying the outdoors. It will be a well remembered trip!!!!

My Leggio Loves waiting to eat at our favorite stop before the deer lease.

     Ethan’s hog he shot this season

               Corbin’s Corsican 

My Audad we had to drag up the steep hill!!!!

Ethan’s first hunt by himself with his gun.

     Corbin’s Big Buck of the season

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Huntsville State Park October 2017

We ventured out for a picnic, nature sketching and bike riding day. It was just what our souls needed in the middle of the week, to breath in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine. We delighted in the day as a family, as we biked and looked at nature. We took some of our read aloud's and read while we sketched from a wooden playground that overlooked the lake. It was a day of discovery and it renewed our senses to look at God's beautiful creation in awe.

My littlest blessings

The view of the Lake

Teagan ready for his first bike ride on the trails

Sweet Austin found his spot for listening to read aloud and sketching

                                                     Ethan and Corbin found theirs too

Cora hanging out and sketching

Mia very seriously sketching the lake while listening to our nature read aloud on squirrels

Sweet boy!!!!!!

All the boys hanging out

More sketching

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Houston Air Show 2017

Joe's Dad and Step Mom blessed us with a day at the air show in Houston. We had never been to an airshow so it was a fun experience for all of us. We especially liked all the WWI and WWII planes since that is what we are studying in History. A lot of the planes the boys knew all about. It was neat to go inside them and see really what life would have been like being a pilot back then. And they even had old music playing from the era. It was really an awesome experience all around. The Thunderbirds were pretty AMAZING to watch, and the speeds and tricks of the planes captivated us. It was a great day at the airshow. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Leggio for the treat.

Ethan in the Doolittle Raider

Grandpa Leggio and Cousin Peyton

Cora walking in the Doolittle Raider

Austin hanging out seeing what it would have been like to be a gunner

Leggio Loves plus our niece

Checking out all the old planes

My Love and Me hanging out

Inside a helicopter

Corbin in the cockpit of the helicopter

Mia looks all to eager to fly this thing LOL

Cora hanging out in the helicopter

Just to show you the size of this HUGE transport plane

Me and my sidekick hanging out watching some planes

The Thunderbirds