Thursday, November 24, 2016

Family Picture Out Takes 2016

Thanksgiving Morning before we left to spend the day with Joe's family, we did Christmas pictures with my brother and his family, my parents, my grandparents, Sia and us. My mom said Shades of Green and Denim. Here is just some out takes of our pictures that morning. Should have taken a video of it. LOL kids running around ready to be done and how many more do we have to take was ringing through the air. But alas we got them done.

No words brother 

Are we all looking at the camera and smiling?

Great Grandparent Love

Mimi and Papaw Wow Wow Love we are all totally laughing because Joe had said something hilarious as he usually does. 

The great Picture discussion 

All the girl generations

And the boy generations

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Golfing Girls 2016

They have one Fall session of golf completed. They have the golf bug too. My sweet golfing girls

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mini Texas Road Trip

We took a little road trip to celebrate my sweet nephew Oliver's 5th birthday.  On the way there we stopped at the Silo's to eat at the yummy food trucks and to walk around a bit. On the way out we grabbed some cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery. I highly recommend Cup Of Joe Cupcake. After our little lunch break at the Silo's we headed toward Grapevine to meet my family to celebrate my nephew at Great Wolf Lodge. His request for his birthday. We had so much fun as a family sliding those slides and laughing. Mia was so brave doing all the big slides except for one because poor baby wasn't tall enough. It was a fun couple of days and nice to get away with our family.

Leggio Loves at the Silos

At a state park playing tag with daddy


Downtown Grapevine

Excited to be there.

My girlies

Mommy and Corbin apparently the big boys are to cool for pics with characters. And I just noticed my ten year old is almost as tall as me.