Saturday, October 29, 2016

Homeschool days 2016

Although we school year round we usually start our new year in July. The Ebb and Flow of our days has set into a beautiful rhythm. Fall has awakened as the children go adventuring into our woods, and the lingering of being outside and enjoying God's creation is becoming a daily thing. Joe started playing flag football with our little tribe, and I delighted and joined in the other night. I stopped the much to do list that I saw in our home, and enjoyed the moments that seem so fleeting with my children. Laughter and touchdown dances that will be forever etched into my mind. Trying to be more present in these days. I have backed of the social media a lot the past week to just be in the moment, and not caught up in getting the perfect picture of the moment. Present here in our days as mundane as they seem to some. They are beautiful to me. I treasure my days with my Tribe. I know it goes by all to quickly.
We took an online class through Brave Writer called Groovy Grammar which my boys delighted in. I finally broke down and bought the Writers Jungle by Brave Writer and the First part of the Wand language arts for the girls. Can't wait to glean wisdom from this Brave Writer lifestyle that teaches everybody is a writer. 
I have been missing this space too much and plan to become more consistent here, as this documents our life. It's my scrapbook for my kids and our journey as a family. 
And if you read this I am asking for prayer for Joe's dad. He has just found out that he has three tumors one on his pancreas and two on his main artery. The surgery is super high risk. We are interceding to God to heal him and grow him in love with Jesus. If you could please join us in praying for this.
Thank you and I hope all our having a beautiful and blessed Autumn.

Working on illustrating their Jabberwocky poems

The Girlies

Illustrating poetry

Corbin's Bandersnatch

Austin's Frumious Mountain Lion ( Love Brave Writer)

Ethan's Jabberwocky in the Borogroves

Some Building Construction with Lincoln Logs

100% on her math test, This girl loves math

Mantis visited us and showed us some kungfu skills

Playful Preschool Craft and the Runaway Bunny

Spending time with Tolkiens the Hobbit

Mandolin playing

Never a dull moment with these two bitties

And Beethoven practicing Piano. :)

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