Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Franklin Safari Park

We traveled to Franklin Texas to the safari park there. We had so much fun petting and seeing all sorts of animals. There a not pictures of the girls because they were very unsure of some of them and didn't want to pet or feed them. LOL
We met my brother and sister in law and Mimi and spent the day there.

These Lemurs just jump on you with no warning

Ethan and his friend

Austin trying to feed the monkey

Leggio Loves

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Freedom Festival and a Lil' Golf

We headed out to our towns Freedom Festival and parade. Kids loaded up with candy pockets over flowing. So that is a plus in their book. Corbin and the girls bounce housed away. It was Cora's first time and I can say she loved it. After parade we headed to the golf course for the boys to play nine holes. It was a good day with my Leggio Loves. We missed Daddy today. He is keeping Houston safe. Love you daddy!!!!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!!!!!

Cora's Two Year Gotcha Day

Two years home, and huge strides in the last two years. Thankful and praising God with how far our sweet girl has come. She has blessed our family with her helpful, caring heart. And that smile could light up a room. We Love you Cora Noel Leggio and are blessed to call you daughter!!!