Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Inspiration

Inspiration I felt like this is the word the Lord gave me in this season of life. I need to Inspire first myself through Reading God's Word, and being filled with his Spirit daily in my life. Then by reading good literature for myself, and with my husband and kiddos. I also want to start nature sketching with my kids once a week, and take in all God's beauty on this earth. I want to Inspire my husband and my children in all these things too. To walk a life full of gazing on Him our Creator God. 

I am excited inside as I prepare my heart to guide my children this year in their education. My goal is to ENJOY it, Read really good literature, be outside alot more, work on guiding my children in healthy habits, and pointing them gently and lovingly to their Savior. Being ever present and there with my kids not distracted. To keep my phone up during our sweet times learning together. And be there in the moment. Staring and looking my children in the eyes, and remebering back what it was to be a child. To be in Awe and Wonder of everything. To become more like my children Forgiving, Loving, Gracious. To become more like my Jesus.

Blessing and Love to You in This New Season.