Friday, December 9, 2016

Decking Our Halls 2016

One of our Christmas traditions is family decorating night with sweet treats and our Elf chestnut returns. I love, love making memories with our children. We all wear our Christmas PJ's and have a good time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Piano Recital December 2016

Loved listening to these Leggio Loves play their piano pieces for the assisted living center at their Christmas Recital. We have the best piano teacher.

Puzzle Fundraiser for Teagan's Adoption

We are raising money to bring our son home and are doing a puzzle fundraiser. The Pieces are $10 a piece. For every $10 donated we put your name on the back of the puzzle piece and will be keeping this for our son, so he can see how many people loved and prayed him home. Thank you for supporting our family on this journey to Teagan. Click Picture on side of blog and it will take you to the Pay Pal link to donate for the puzzle. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My 38th Birthday!!!!!

Joe surprised me with a small family party to celebrate my birthday. It was a nice evening of eating and celebration. Thank you hubby!!!!!

My mom, Joe's mom, My siter in law, my grandma and me

Kids and the guys hanging out around the fire pit

My special choclate cheesecake cupcakes my mom made me

Present opening

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving at MawMaw's 2016

I didn't get a whole lot of pics, well only three of the whole day. This was the first time we have celebrated Thanksgiving at Maw Maw's house since Joe's grandfather's passing.  So I knew it would be a rough day. Lot's of precious memories here spent with him. Joe took the kids out to fish in the pond like he and his Pawpaw used to do. It was a bittersweet day of remembering and being thankful for the time we had with him.

Family Picture Out Takes 2016

Thanksgiving Morning before we left to spend the day with Joe's family, we did Christmas pictures with my brother and his family, my parents, my grandparents, Sia and us. My mom said Shades of Green and Denim. Here is just some out takes of our pictures that morning. Should have taken a video of it. LOL kids running around ready to be done and how many more do we have to take was ringing through the air. But alas we got them done.

No words brother 

Are we all looking at the camera and smiling?

Great Grandparent Love

Mimi and Papaw Wow Wow Love we are all totally laughing because Joe had said something hilarious as he usually does. 

The great Picture discussion 

All the girl generations

And the boy generations

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hunting November 2016

We usually go on one family hunt a year and it's usually right around my birthday. We always have a good time telling stories around the campfire and eating s'mores. Hiking is a favorite in between hunts. Austin was the only one who got something this year, but we all had fun. Mia LOVES to go out in the stand with her daddy. Cora is still not sure if she likes the whole hunting thing. Hopefully it will grow on her. It's so nice to be away as a family for a few days with no interruptions. Thankful for family land that makes all this possible. Building memories with our kiddos.

Austin's animal

Corbin the hunter

Love this guy so much

Mama knows how to hunt too

Mia scanning the area for some animals

Golfing Girls 2016

They have one Fall session of golf completed. They have the golf bug too. My sweet golfing girls

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mini Texas Road Trip

We took a little road trip to celebrate my sweet nephew Oliver's 5th birthday.  On the way there we stopped at the Silo's to eat at the yummy food trucks and to walk around a bit. On the way out we grabbed some cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery. I highly recommend Cup Of Joe Cupcake. After our little lunch break at the Silo's we headed toward Grapevine to meet my family to celebrate my nephew at Great Wolf Lodge. His request for his birthday. We had so much fun as a family sliding those slides and laughing. Mia was so brave doing all the big slides except for one because poor baby wasn't tall enough. It was a fun couple of days and nice to get away with our family.

Leggio Loves at the Silos

At a state park playing tag with daddy


Downtown Grapevine

Excited to be there.

My girlies

Mommy and Corbin apparently the big boys are to cool for pics with characters. And I just noticed my ten year old is almost as tall as me.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat 2016

We had the Annual Trunk or Treat at my parents and Joe's family came to help decorate the trunk. We had fun decorating, eating and visiting with one another. Then on Halloween night we sat at the end of our driveway and handed out Candy to the Neighbor Kiddos. 

Rapunzel and Mulan


My Batmans

A cowgirl and Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo handing out candy

My brother the crazy dino and Joe's dad phot bombing the pic LOL

Decorating our Haunted Ginger Bread House before handing out candy

Hanging out at the end of our driveway to hand out candy. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Homeschool days 2016

Although we school year round we usually start our new year in July. The Ebb and Flow of our days has set into a beautiful rhythm. Fall has awakened as the children go adventuring into our woods, and the lingering of being outside and enjoying God's creation is becoming a daily thing. Joe started playing flag football with our little tribe, and I delighted and joined in the other night. I stopped the much to do list that I saw in our home, and enjoyed the moments that seem so fleeting with my children. Laughter and touchdown dances that will be forever etched into my mind. Trying to be more present in these days. I have backed of the social media a lot the past week to just be in the moment, and not caught up in getting the perfect picture of the moment. Present here in our days as mundane as they seem to some. They are beautiful to me. I treasure my days with my Tribe. I know it goes by all to quickly.
We took an online class through Brave Writer called Groovy Grammar which my boys delighted in. I finally broke down and bought the Writers Jungle by Brave Writer and the First part of the Wand language arts for the girls. Can't wait to glean wisdom from this Brave Writer lifestyle that teaches everybody is a writer. 
I have been missing this space too much and plan to become more consistent here, as this documents our life. It's my scrapbook for my kids and our journey as a family. 
And if you read this I am asking for prayer for Joe's dad. He has just found out that he has three tumors one on his pancreas and two on his main artery. The surgery is super high risk. We are interceding to God to heal him and grow him in love with Jesus. If you could please join us in praying for this.
Thank you and I hope all our having a beautiful and blessed Autumn.

Working on illustrating their Jabberwocky poems

The Girlies

Illustrating poetry

Corbin's Bandersnatch

Austin's Frumious Mountain Lion ( Love Brave Writer)

Ethan's Jabberwocky in the Borogroves

Some Building Construction with Lincoln Logs

100% on her math test, This girl loves math

Mantis visited us and showed us some kungfu skills

Playful Preschool Craft and the Runaway Bunny

Spending time with Tolkiens the Hobbit

Mandolin playing

Never a dull moment with these two bitties

And Beethoven practicing Piano. :)