Sunday, December 6, 2015

Decking the Halls 2015

We have been enjoying the Christmas season over hear in the Leggio household. I love making memories as a family, and having things for my children to look back on in their childhoods. 

We helped Mimi decorate her tree, we made gingerbraed houses, trimmed our tree and have been reading lot's of Christmas books and watching Christmas movies. Cocoa, Sugar Cookies are always a favorite in this season too.

Focusing on Jesus first and foremost. Because he truly is the reason for this season.

Kiddos helping Mimi decorate her tree

My Grandparents the kids Great Grandparents

Ready and Set to Gingerbread decorate

These two are so close!!!!!

They all humored me with Christmas jammie pics. Even my teen!!!!

Decorating Ginger Houses and eating lot's of candy

Corbin's Creation

Mia's Creation

Cora's Creation

Ethan's Creation

Austin's Creation

Daddy's Creation

Mommy's Creation

Daddy reading Elf and Chestnut the Elf appears

Love this!!!!

So serious!!!!

Placing everyone perfect!!!!


Joyful Boy!!!!!


likeschocolate said...

Love the blog facelift! Merry Christmas!

Shay Ankerich said...

So wonderful and I'm gonna have to say daddy won the gingerbread contest. :)