Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Cinderella Birthday for Cora

We celebrated our Cora girl this year. Her second birthday home. She knew the drill this year, and wanted a Cinderella party. We kept it very low key, and let her invite one special friend from church named Yuri. Yuri and Cora are becoming sweet little friends and it is neat to watch. 

Things we have seen in our girl in growth is huge. She is happy and a little jokester. We try to keep events like this low key because she can still get out of sorts, since her birthday and Christmas are so close. Though we have come leaps and bounds from last year. If you look at pictures from last birthday you can see she just has a more joyful spirit about her. It is coming slowly, but surely we are seeing God's redemptive story unfold in her.

Thankful for our sweet Cinderella!!!!!! She is worth it!!!!!!

Princess Cora

Best of Friends

Leggio Loves

Birthday Cake Baked by Mommy decorated by Daddy

Yuri and Cora

Opening gifts

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Shay Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to you beautiful Cora!!!!! You're a princess for sure!!!!