Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve Morning was our Christmas this year. The kids woke up super excited to see their special gifts. After gift opening the kids got to play and enjoy, and this mommy started on Lunch. My family came over for lunch Christmas Eves. We enjoyed, soft tacos, tamales, chips and salsa, Cookies and Snow man Ginger Bread Cake. It was a fun day full of Love and Family.

The kids awaiting to see what they got

Mia is sooooo Excited!!!!!

Daddy and The Boys enjoying the PS4 and the new Star Wars Battle Front Game

The Girlies playing with their new Horses and Stable

My Precious Grandpa

Joe, Mimi and Ethan

Austin and Papaw Wow Wow

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ethan's Mandolin Recital 2015

Ethan has been taking Mandolin for about a year and a half and is doing wonderful. I love to hear him play the Mandolin. He is with a local music studio, which enabled him to do an esemble with his friend and the owner of the studio. They played What Child Is This. Ethan and his friend Dylan did so good. I was proud of our boy for conquering fears and getting up there and playing. The Church was packed and the kept having to add seats.

Ethan and Dylan before performance

Getting set up

These boys did so good!!!!! Proud mama!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy 17 Year Anniversary

I Love doing life with this man. He is an Amazing Husband and Father. A gift from God. So Thankful to be celebrating 17 years with him. I Love You Honey!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Cinderella Birthday for Cora

We celebrated our Cora girl this year. Her second birthday home. She knew the drill this year, and wanted a Cinderella party. We kept it very low key, and let her invite one special friend from church named Yuri. Yuri and Cora are becoming sweet little friends and it is neat to watch. 

Things we have seen in our girl in growth is huge. She is happy and a little jokester. We try to keep events like this low key because she can still get out of sorts, since her birthday and Christmas are so close. Though we have come leaps and bounds from last year. If you look at pictures from last birthday you can see she just has a more joyful spirit about her. It is coming slowly, but surely we are seeing God's redemptive story unfold in her.

Thankful for our sweet Cinderella!!!!!! She is worth it!!!!!!

Princess Cora

Best of Friends

Leggio Loves

Birthday Cake Baked by Mommy decorated by Daddy

Yuri and Cora

Opening gifts

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Montgomery Christmas Parade 2015

We headed to our town's Christmas Parade in Old Town Montgomery. The parade was so long!!!! We stood there for about 45 minutes, and it was still going when we exited. LOL The kids had fun grabbing all the candy the could.

Me and The Leggio Loves

Daddy and Princess Mia (She is sitting on his foot because she doesnt want to sit on the ground)

The Drill Team coming

The Parade Fire Truck

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Piano Recital 2015

We have four taking Piano with Miss Hannah. She is a dear teacher, and we are very thankful for her. We enjoyed a lovely recital at our local assisted living center. She plans the kids recitals here so they can play their music for the families and the residents there. It was a wonderful evening.

Austin and Corbin are progressing so well and are enjoying playing. Cora and Mia have been playing a semester and are enjoying it also.

The kids with Miss Hannah

Miss Hannah and her students

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Decking the Halls 2015

We have been enjoying the Christmas season over hear in the Leggio household. I love making memories as a family, and having things for my children to look back on in their childhoods. 

We helped Mimi decorate her tree, we made gingerbraed houses, trimmed our tree and have been reading lot's of Christmas books and watching Christmas movies. Cocoa, Sugar Cookies are always a favorite in this season too.

Focusing on Jesus first and foremost. Because he truly is the reason for this season.

Kiddos helping Mimi decorate her tree

My Grandparents the kids Great Grandparents

Ready and Set to Gingerbread decorate

These two are so close!!!!!

They all humored me with Christmas jammie pics. Even my teen!!!!

Decorating Ginger Houses and eating lot's of candy

Corbin's Creation

Mia's Creation

Cora's Creation

Ethan's Creation

Austin's Creation

Daddy's Creation

Mommy's Creation

Daddy reading Elf and Chestnut the Elf appears

Love this!!!!

So serious!!!!

Placing everyone perfect!!!!


Joyful Boy!!!!!