Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 1 Fredricksburg 2015 Pedernales Falls

Fredricksburg is one of our favorite places to go in Texas as a family. It has the quaint town with shopping and food, and also the great outdoors, and a huge WWII museum. All things we love as a family. (Oh, and a lot of wineries!!!!)
We have grown by two more members of the Leggio Tribe since we went last, so it was fun to see the girls experience it this time.
Day One was Pedernales Falls. It is beautiful Hill country, and perfect for hiking around. The weather was Amazing too. It was a perfect first day. And we ended it by eating yummy Italian food in town.
Leggio Tribe

Running no Hiking

It is just so pretty

Boys found a spring

Me and the Hubby

I mean beautiful.

My Leggio Loves

Loving being outside, just what we all needed

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