Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cora's Broken Arm

Time flies when you have been to Urgent Care once, ER twice and Doctor. Yes this was our September, and I think I needed half of October to recuperate from the CRAZY!!!!!
Corbin hurt his foot on the trampoline and was on crutches for two weeks, Austin turned Blue and his pulse ox drop in the 80's from a cold, and precious Cora snapped both bones in her forearm via trampoline. I had just left the house and get a call from the hubby that he had to reduce her arm. It was at a 90 degree angle people!!!!! Joe thought she needed surgery, but luckily no muscle was in between and it can be fixed with 6 weeks in this cast. Then we graduate to a cast from elbow to hand for four weeks, and then a brace for four weeks.
She is doing amazingly well and goes on like nothing happened. She never complains either.

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