Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tirck or Treat 2015

We went back to our old neighborhood to do Trunk or Treat. My parents still live there too, and the neigborhood just does Halloween up right. We have done trunk or treat now since Ethan was two or three. We love it. We know alot of the people, so we feel it is a safer environment for our kiddos.

Our Trunk per Mimi's vision

Papaw Wow Wow and Ethan and Austin

The girls

Playing Carnival games

Me and Joe

Handing out candy with my little side kick

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Finished up Day 3 and 4 Fredricksburg 2015

Saturday night Yogi had a costume contest and Trick or Treat around the cabins and camp ground. this was a fun event for all The Leggio Tribe. Even Joe and I got in on the fun. Then Sunday we headed out and stopped at the Famous Salt Lick for some Texas BBQ and then on to a state park in Austin. Then it was homeward bound Sunday afternoon. We had such a good time as a family. Love making memories with my kiddos.
Storm Trooper Ethan

Storm Trooper Corbin

Unicorn Mia and Jawa Mommy

Cora is the new Cinderella

Austin is Halo Master Chief

And Daddy is Kalo Ren picked out by the Boys (New Star Wars Movie Guy)

Parade for Costume Contest for the Bitties

Parade for the Bigs

Our Tribe Leggio

The girls with Ava and Ashlynn

The boys with Dylan who was celebrating 13!!!!

State Park in Austin

Day 3 Fredricksburg Enchanted Rock and Magic Pumpkins

Friday night some friends came with their kiddos to celebrate their sons 13th birthday. We got to hang out in the evenings at Yogi. The kids had a blast. Friday night the girls met Yogi, and then went and listened to a bedtime story with Boo Boo. After story time we planted magical pumpkin seeds in the magical garden. We harvested our magic pumpkins the next morning. And yes I bought seeds for the big boys because who doesn't love a magic seed that turns into a pumpkin over night. Friday night we also watched Peanuts the Great Pumpkin on the outdoor theatre.
Saturday morning we woke up and harvested our pumpkins, and then headed to Enchanted Rock to hike up the Huge rock. It was beautiful up there and you just look out from there and can see for miles and miles. It is one of those in Awe of God places.
Warning a whole lotta pics below!!!!!
The girls meeting Yogi Bear

Mia found her pumpkin

Corbin found his pumpkin

Cora found hers


Everyone and their magic pumpkins

The bottom of Enchanted Rock before the hike up

Kids left us in the dust

Hiking up to the top

I made it. Whew!!!!! And a bit more winded than the kids

On top of Enchanted Rock

My Sweet Hubby

Corbin on top of Enchanted Rock

Austin aka Captain America

Studious Ethan

Princess Mia

Sweet Cora

Ahem!!!! LOL

And Daddy acting like he couldn't get up

Our friend on the Rock

Found a cave

Going down to cave opening. Girls had no part in going down a dark 1000 foot cave so we went back up, then about ten minutes later while we were waiting for boys Austin and Corbin bailed. They freaked and said it was to dark and steep. Joe and Ethan continued and had a blast.

Ethan inside the cave

On Enchanted Rock

The view from all sides was so amazing and just beautiful.

Look at how strong he is

My Leggio Loves

Back down and a bit hungry and wore out. Fun Day!!!!!!

Day 1 Evening and Day 2 Fredricksburg Shopping and WWII Museum

So that evening we checked into Yogi Bear Hill Country. The kids loved this place, they had a jumper, pool (but it was too cold), basketball court, playground and outdoor movie theatre. It was a fun place to spend our evenings with the kids.
We are here!!!!!

Enjoying first jumps on bounce pillow

In town Austin found his sign. :)

In the WWII Museum

Japanese Plane

Boys are LOVING it