Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Charlotte Mason School Year 2015-2016

I have stressed way too much over schooling, and in that I have often quenched the beauty of learning in our home with my checklists the kids have to get done and reading on a timeframe. I have been homeschooling from the beginning, and brought all my baggage of public school with me. The sole purpose of me homeschooling was to give my kids a joy for the Lord, a Joy to learn new things, discover things, read and go on adventures through lot's of books. It's funny how long it has taken me to embrace this desire that has been in my heart since the beginning.
Back then I didn't know it was a methodic way to teach, until my children were so quenched and not responding to what I was doing, a sweet friend took me aside and showed me some of Ms. Mason's ways and the gentle art of learning. I was hooked because I knew the other ways didn't work. But then the new year happened, the thoughts came in, and off track we went, back to check lists that had to be done.
This summer I have learned who I am as a mom and a teacher of my children. When they  remember their years at home, I want them to look back and smile. The joys of not being rushed off somewhere, and to get to ponder in the woods over animals and forts, and to just get to be a kid without screens.  No formal activities or being rushed to and fro. I want them to ponder and think and figure out things for themselves; to curl up with good books on the couch or in their bed and let their imaginations take them on historical adventures. These are the things I want for my children. An unrushed childhood. I am thankful to the Lord who has given me confidence this summer as I prayed and prayed over our school, and for a dear friend who spoke truth. I feel so freed today as I type this, to truly enjoy our school days and my kids. I am overjoyed about what we are going to do this year. And so Thankful to be the mommy to my five Leggio Loves.
Subjects done together.......
Bible using Firmly Planted Family (everyday)
History for the boys with Beautiful Feet Medieval (3 days a week)
Science  (1 to 2 days a week)
Poetry Study on Fridays ( this is only 10-20 minutes)
 Art  Study on Fridays ( this is only 10-20 minutes)
Composer Study on Fridays (this is only 10-20 minutes)
Shakesphere Study on Fridays ( this is only 10-20 minutes)
Nature Exploring and Sketching on Fridays
Girls will be doing Five in a Row
Reading (The boys are aloud to choose living books to read from, and we try to make available literature that they seem interested in so they can enjoy their reading time)
Cursive with SCM Print to Cursive Proverbs (This is his third year of writing and reading cursive)
Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason ( 2 Days a week)
Using Language Well from SCM (2 days a week)
Narration will be done with History, Poetry, Composer, and Art via Oral and Written ( 2 days a week)
Math U See finishing up Delta and Moving into Epsilon (4 days a week)
Cursive with SCM Print to Cursive Proverbs (This is his third year of writing and reading cursive also)
Spelling Wisdom from SCM (2 days a week)
Using Language Well from SCM (2 days a week)
Narration will be done with History, Poetry, Composer, and Art via Oral and Written (2 days a week)
Math U See finishing up Gamma and going into Delta (4 days a week)
Cursive with SCM Print to Cursive (This is his First year of writing and reading cursive)
Spelling You See for Spelling and Copy work (5 days a week)
Math U See Beta (4 days a week)
Narration will be done with History, Poetry, Composer, and Art via Oral for Corbin and I will also be writing his narration for him some weeks. ( 2 days a week)
Delightful Reading We are still working on Pre-reading skills with her, and will move forward at her pace and ability
Math U See Alpha (4 days a week)
Delightful Handwriting SCM Handwriting
Workboxes ( they are available for her to do with letters, sounds, numbers and fine motor skills, tanagrams and such.)
FIAR Notebooking
Delightful Reading  We are working also on pre-reading skills like letter recognition and games not pressuring her to read only short 5 to 15 minutes at her own pace and ability.
Workboxes (they are available for her to do with letters, sounds, numbers and fine motor skills, tanagrams and such.)
FIAR Notebooking
and I leave you with a C.S. Lewis Quote
Children are not a distraction from more important work, They are the most important work.
C.S. Lewis
Our Notebooks for the year

Nature Journals and Christian Liberty Nature Readers for Study

This is The Spelling Wisdom and Learning Language Well

Reading Aloud this and Nature Sketching Birds We Read About

Shakesphere Study Midsummer Night's Dream

Our Cursive

Cora's Handwriting

Delightful Reading for Girls Pre-Reading to Elementary

Art Study

Poetry Study

Composer Study

Our Science We are Using
Beautiful Feet Medieval History

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Waco Road Trip

We Were Waco Road Tripping today, home of Fixer Upper's Magnolia Homes. It was totally a last minute decision to go. Daddy got home from his shift this AM, and we were sitting on the porch sipping coffee trying to decide what we wanted to do with the fam today. And since we're all Fixer Upper Fans why not do a Tour De' Waco.
The kiddos were super excited, and I couldn't believe how giddy I was. Forget Hollywood, give me a Texas small town with character and cute shops. We headed straight for Magnolia Store. The kids started squealing when they saw it, and it was sooooooo busy. We managed to look around the store and little warehouse. Found a little piece to bring home, and a Magnolia Homes t-shirt :) We also ventured by the Silos where the new Magnolia Market will be opening this Fall. Do I feel another road trip coming. LOL
We also met Jessica who worked at Magnolia Market, and she was just precious. We visited with her for a bit, and found out that their family wants to start the adoption process for China. They want to bring home two precious little ones. So of course we talked adoption, which is always fun to do. She was the sweetest person, and even snapped a picture of our whole family in front of Magnolia Market.
Next was lunch, so we headed to the famous Viteks BBQ. Joe and Ethan got the Gut Pack, since that is what they are known for. None of us wanted to go on that venture. We kept to the BBQ basics. Ethan thoroughly enjoyed his Gut Pack. It was like a Frito Pie on steroids with Brisket, Sausage, Cheese, Beans, and Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos, and a whole lot of it.
Next we headed to Harp Design Co. and we found out that the house that Jojo and Chip remodeled for them is literally right next store to their shop. Insert kids freaking out because that was one of our favorite episodes. So we casually snapped a picture, and headed into their store. It was darling and the prices were great. We bought a treasure there hand made at Harp, and snatched a tee.
Next stop was Common Grounds Coffee House, because we are Huge Coffee lovers. The coffee blends were so tasty, and it was fun to stop in.
When we left Waco we did some antiquing in a small Texas town on the way home. Ethan and Corbin found treasures there. Our kids love antiquing, and they bring there own money, and barter for the things they want.
It's was a Wonderful Family Fun Family Day.
Our Family Picture, sun shining in our eyes. LOL 

The Silos and the new location for Magnolia Market

Ethan and his Gut Pack

Daddy and his Gut Pack

Happy Leggio Loves

More Happy Leggio Loves

Look who's house is in the background

Excited to be there. The boys couldn't believe they got to see where Clint's store was

Joe and I at Common Grounds

This is True. LOL