Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jordan Family Adoption Fundraiser

The hubby had the brilliant idea of a Texas Hold' Em adoption Fundraiser for our Dear Friends the Jordan family. It was so much fun to plan for. The result was a night of fun and $3,000 raised to help bring Anya Jane home from India. We can't wait to meet her!!!!!!
So if your wondering how the fundraiser worked in case you would like to do this. We had two buy ins a $25.00 one with top two prizes and $100 buy in with top two prizes. They were also allowed to buy in one extra time for an additional $25.00 or $100.00 depending on what you did the first round. ALL buy ins went to the adoption fund. We had eight door prizes through out the night too, and fed them some good ole Texas BBQ brisket/sausage, potato salad, and slaw and some desserts.
Riverstone Community Church's youth room was where we held the grand event. It was a fun night. Who wouldn't want to help bring a child home to her family with some friendly poker.
The beginning of the game

Berwick Bunch having fun!!!!

Seriousness over at the big stakes tables. LOL

More Big Stakes

Dealing out cards

The Girls!!!!

$25.00 Stake winners Collin 2nd place and Nate 1st place

Down to two Big Stake winners

Brit was 2nd place and Josh was 1st place

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Shay Ankerich said...

Yall were so sweet to do this for them and that is a lot of money!!!! Yay!!!