Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Forever Family Day Cora 1 Year

One year ago on June 3 we met our precious Cora. Although her day was filled with grief and mourning of the life and friends she would be leaving behind, it also brought beauty of a family to have. Our precious girl spent many years without the Love of a family, and we were so happy to have her in our arms. 
She preferred her daddy over mommy, but overtime she loves us both now. This year has been full of much blessing and much time of spiritual growth. We have had to walk our sweet girl through a lot of things this year, but one word rings true for our sweet Cora. BRAVE!!!!! She is such a brave girl, and she has overcome so much. As she opens up to us about China in small amounts over this year we really get to understand how Brave she is. And one things for sure, it hasn't broken her spirit. She is a little jokester and loves to laugh and play. So thankful for our sweet daughter.
Making it official

My two sweet blessings from China

Loved her Daddy from the very minute!!!!!

Celebrating Cora with Cinnamon Rolls

Brave and Strong Girl

Happy Forever Family Day!!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jordan Family Adoption Fundraiser

The hubby had the brilliant idea of a Texas Hold' Em adoption Fundraiser for our Dear Friends the Jordan family. It was so much fun to plan for. The result was a night of fun and $3,000 raised to help bring Anya Jane home from India. We can't wait to meet her!!!!!!
So if your wondering how the fundraiser worked in case you would like to do this. We had two buy ins a $25.00 one with top two prizes and $100 buy in with top two prizes. They were also allowed to buy in one extra time for an additional $25.00 or $100.00 depending on what you did the first round. ALL buy ins went to the adoption fund. We had eight door prizes through out the night too, and fed them some good ole Texas BBQ brisket/sausage, potato salad, and slaw and some desserts.
Riverstone Community Church's youth room was where we held the grand event. It was a fun night. Who wouldn't want to help bring a child home to her family with some friendly poker.
The beginning of the game

Berwick Bunch having fun!!!!

Seriousness over at the big stakes tables. LOL

More Big Stakes

Dealing out cards

The Girls!!!!

$25.00 Stake winners Collin 2nd place and Nate 1st place

Down to two Big Stake winners

Brit was 2nd place and Josh was 1st place

Randomness of Life

Just wanted to make sure I capture my kids in the everyday of life.
 Summer is in full swing here in Texas, and the heat and humidity are here. We school year round, and take breaks when we want. We honestly love schooling in Summer because it is soooooooo hot here in the Lone Star State. It is good for our family culture to continue with studies, as we train our children to be lifelong learners too.
 Our new School year starts in Summer. I will post soon what we are doing in the new year for school, and the books we are reading. I have finally after all these years of schooling embraced who we are as a homeschool family. It has been freeing and less stressful for me and the kiddos. We are very much Whole Book learners. Anytime I have swayed away from this in the comparison game we flounder. We LOVE, LOVE Living Books. They breath life to our souls, and we learn so much. So, for you who Love books as much as us, I will post what we are reading and doing in other subjects for each kiddo. I will upload our schedule here too.
The boys continue to enjoy golf.  Both Ethan and Austin have each played 18 holes with their dad and had a Blast!!!!! Corbin is up next to go with daddy. We have enjoyed the evenings playing outside with sidewalk chalk and scooters. And Big Boys practicing golf with their new golf mat and net.
I hope all of you are having a great summer and embracing the beautiful gift of your children.
Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.
C.S. Lewis

Spring Piano Recital 2015

Just a few pictures of the boys Spring Piano Recital. Austin and Corbin worked so hard on their songs. We were so proud of them. Just a few years ago we couldn't even get Corbin to play at recital because he was so fearful, and now he loves playing and working hard on his songs.
Corbin and Austin the Pianists

Our Leggio Loves

Ms. Hannah and all her lovely students of Piano and Violin

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Blackberry Picking 2015

There is a Farm about 20 minutes from our home that has blackberry picking. We have never gone, and it was a beautiful day to meet some friends and Maw Maw at the farm to pick berries. It was so fun and the kids had no problem filling their buckets very quickly. Thank You Maw Maw for the blackberries.