Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney World 2015 Hollywood Studios

We kicked of our Hollywood Studios Day with a Star Wars Breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre. This was so much fun, and all the kids LOVED it. I had fully prepared myself for Mia to scream through the whole breakfast, but she wasn't scared not in the least. She just walked up to Darth Vader and said "Hi Darth Vader". The kids also had fun on the Honey I shrink the kids playground.
Leggio Family

In our Car at the Sci Fi

Troopers coming to visit us

The Darkside Faces exceot Cora. LOL


Mia and the Trooper

Bounty Hunter and the Boys

Look Leggio Boy Action Figures


Even the teenager was having fun!!!!

Miss Mia

Cora Loves running and playing

Happy Girls!!!!

My Nephew Oliver

Star Wars



My Nephew

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likeschocolate said...

Looks likw everyone had an amazing time!