Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney World 2015 Animal KIngdom Day

We spent one day at Animal Kingdom, right when we got in the park a little ways the boys spotted Doug from Up. We had to get a picture with them of course. The kids played some carnival games in Dino Land and Corbin and Mia won a prize. We also ate dinner at the Tusker House with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy,  Goofy and Minnie Mouse. It was a fun and full day.
Russell and Doug from Up

Corbin and his winnings

Mia and her winnings

Daddy and Corbin on the safari tour

Mia excited to be close to zebras

And she passed out in the stroller!!!!

Can you say she was happy to see Mickey

Leggio Loves with Mickey Mouse

Leggio Loves with Daisy Duck

Leggio Loves with Goofy.

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Shay Ankerich said...

We LOVED animal kingdom!!! Fun fun!