Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney World 2015 Magic Kingdom Days

We spent three fun filled days at Magic Kingdom. We were surprised that the girls LOVE to ride the fast rides. I mean LOVE. I would literally have to hold Mia in her seat because she would throw her hands up in the air and squeal with delight. She barely made 40" to ride the rides. It was hilarious!!!! We ate at Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends one morning, and another Morning we ate at the Whispering Canyon Café at Wilderness Lodge. Whispering Canyon isn't a Character meal, but it is super fun. The waiters and waitresses throw napkins at you, let you spit your straw covers everywhere, pony rides around the restaurant on stick ponies, and when you ask for Ketchup, well you may get 20 bottles. It is so fun!!!!
We also enjoyed the new section in Fantasy Land where Corbin was chosen to be Chip from Beauty and The Beast in Tales with Belle. He was adorable and it honestly fits his personality. We had a very fun vacation. Thank you Papaw and Mimi for the fun and memory filled trip to Disney World.
Our Family

Love how Mia is looking at her.

Rapunzel was a hoot!!!!

Leggio Loves and beloved Eeyore


Dancing around Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom

Sweet Corbin

Cora getting the hang of this Disney thing

Love this!!!!

Joe and the kids with the fire Chief of Magic Kingdom. LOL

Aerial's Grotto

Up, Up and Away

Tales With Belle

Chip aka Corbin with Belle

I loved how Mia took all this in. It was so sweet to have a little princess meet the princesses.

Happy Girl

Whispering Canyon and our Ketchup. So Funny!!!! Mia and Mimi

Downtown Disney Dance Party

Last Picture of Disney.

Disney World 2015 Hollywood Studios

We kicked of our Hollywood Studios Day with a Star Wars Breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre. This was so much fun, and all the kids LOVED it. I had fully prepared myself for Mia to scream through the whole breakfast, but she wasn't scared not in the least. She just walked up to Darth Vader and said "Hi Darth Vader". The kids also had fun on the Honey I shrink the kids playground.
Leggio Family

In our Car at the Sci Fi

Troopers coming to visit us

The Darkside Faces exceot Cora. LOL


Mia and the Trooper

Bounty Hunter and the Boys

Look Leggio Boy Action Figures


Even the teenager was having fun!!!!

Miss Mia

Cora Loves running and playing

Happy Girls!!!!

My Nephew Oliver

Star Wars



My Nephew

Disney World 2015 Animal KIngdom Day

We spent one day at Animal Kingdom, right when we got in the park a little ways the boys spotted Doug from Up. We had to get a picture with them of course. The kids played some carnival games in Dino Land and Corbin and Mia won a prize. We also ate dinner at the Tusker House with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy,  Goofy and Minnie Mouse. It was a fun and full day.
Russell and Doug from Up

Corbin and his winnings

Mia and her winnings

Daddy and Corbin on the safari tour

Mia excited to be close to zebras

And she passed out in the stroller!!!!

Can you say she was happy to see Mickey

Leggio Loves with Mickey Mouse

Leggio Loves with Daisy Duck

Leggio Loves with Goofy.

Disney World 2015 Epcot Days

To Kick off Disney the second morning we had breakfast at the Grand Floridian Hotel with Tiger, Pooh, the Mad Hatter and Alice. Then we headed to Epcot to enjoy all the Beautiful Flowers from the Flower Festival.
We returned to Epcot Friday and had Breakfast with the Princesses and to ride some more rides and enjoy the sights.

Cora seemed to like all the characters.

Leggio Loves with Pooh Bear

Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland

Outside The Grand Floridian Hotel


Epcot here we come!!!!

Some of the flowers in Disney characters

Meeting Jasmin. Cora said she wants hair like her.

Mia LOVED meeting Mulan and asked her if she spoke Mandarin

Corbin, Mulan, Mia, Cora and Mommy

In China!!!!!

Yep..... This would be my silly Boy

Leggio Loves 

Breakfast with the Princesses Ethan opted out of this

Princess Belle and the girls

Sleeping Beauty and everyone but Ethan

Aerial and the crew and notice no Ethan. LOL

Snow white!!!!! Ethan wasn't quite into princesses.

Corbin and Mater at the Flower Festival at Epcot

Clogsworth and Me!!!!!