Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mia's 3 Year Forever Family Day

I cannot believe that three years ago we stood in the hotel conference room in Lanzhou China waiting to meet our little girl. I remember hearing them come off the elevator, and I was already in tears.
To hold my baby and smell her for the first time was AMAZING!!!!! Although she totally adored her daddy and only wanted him while we were in China, it all didn't matter. She was ours and my mama heart was full of love for our princess.
Mia is almost 20 I mean 5!!!!! The princess has requested a Frozen birthday party, and I am sure Miss Mia is bound to perform and sing all Frozen songs. She is very, very girly. Loves clothes, shoes, her nails painted, purses, her Bitty Baby Zoe. She is FULL of BIG Personality and keeps us laughing all the time.
Today she woke up to the whole house cheering Happy Gotcha Day. Her knights brothers were so happy to celebrate her. They adore their little Princess. She was all smiles and happiness. Daddy brought home donuts and a butterfly balloon this morning on his way home from the fire station.
It was a sweet morning celebrating our girl. We Love you more than words can express, and you have forever changed our hearts for the better.
Mia curled up on my lap a few weeks ago and said, "Mama I am so happy." I asked Why and she said, "Because you and daddy came to China to get me." UMM Yeah about ripped my heart out.
So thankful!!!! For the gift of Mia!!!!!!
Happy with her daddy

Love my baby girl!!!!!

The donut feast


So sweet!!!!

Our little Princess!!!!

She is so funny

Ms. Personality


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Crazy how fast it goes by! One minute you are desparately waiting to hold them in your arms and the next 3 years have past! Congratulations!

Paige said...

Happy Gotcha!!!! I still can't believe we did not get to meet!!! Someday....:)

Leggio said...

I know!!! I think we missed each other by a week. We have a crazy crew. Would love to meet you someday.

Heather said...

Amazing! Three years already! God is good! Hugs from the midwest1

Leggio said...

Hi Heather!!! I hope your crew is doing good and I bet little Nora is getting so big.

Leggio said...

It does go by way to fast. How long have yall been home now?

quilt'n-mama said...

Happy Gotcha! Our Clara will be 5 in May and I think they could sing Frozen together... ALL the time:)
Blessings friend!

Leggio said...

Thanks so much!!! That would be too fun. I hope y'all's adoption process for your little one is going smoothly. Are yall doing any fundraising?

Sharon said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mia!! John Samuel had a great day as well. We miss you guys and hope to see you soon!!

Leggio said...

We miss yall too!!!! Text me your number again. I broke my phone and we can try to work something out to see yall. Mia would love to play with John Samuel

Lindsey Houck said...

Praise God! What a sweet precious day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course she is such a gift!!! love <3<3

quilt'n-mama said...
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