Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Memories

I Love holidays and making memories with My Leggio Loves. I want my kids to look back when they are grown and have fond memories of growing up. We want to be intentional with our parenting, so they feel loved first by Christ Jesus, and then by us.
Today was a Valentines Day breakfast full of Love. I decorated the table, made pancakes with red sprinkles, heart candies, I put heart doilies with each child's name saying they are loved, then under their plate I put another doily with a special word. This word is something that God has given each one of them, and something that Joe and I see in them that is coming to fruition.
Leggio Loves

Decorating the table
What I put under the plate 

Ethan our Prayer Warrior

Corbin the Joyous

Austin the Merciful

Cora the Brave

Mia Strong in Heart

Our pup LULU got her Valentine Pancake too!!!!!!


Shay Ankerich said...

What's awesome idea to Be Love!!! So sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Jenn said...

A great memory! I love their character adjectives :)