Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Piano Recital 2014

We were very blessed to get Ms. Hannah for our Piano teacher this year. She is such a good and talented teacher of music. Loving, encouraging, and just the right firmness to motivate these boys. We have seen Austin and Corbin's piano level jump tremendously. They love her too. Corbin even did his recital this year. The first one in three years of Piano, and he was a brave boy.
Ms. Hannah had the recital at an assisted living home in town. This was such a great idea to be able to bless the elderly with Christmas music from children. They were so precious coming into watch the kids. A lot of our family came to watch the boys too.
Ms. Hannah and the boys

Proud of Corbin

Proud of Austin too!!!!!

Leggio Loves

Uncle Josh and Aunt Tammy

Maw Maw and Ethan

Grandpa and Grandma Leggio

My Precious Grandparents and nephew Oliver

Mimi, Papaw and girls

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likeschocolate said...

My three oldest don't seem to have any interest in playing an instrument, but I am excited for the girls. I think they will want to play because they love music so much. Glad you have a great teacher, so valuable.