Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas.......................................

All things Christmas are happening over here. Focusing first and foremost on Jesus, the one who came to save us from ourselves. What a love God had to send his only son for us. In this season I stand in awe of the Love of our God. He Loves Big, and we can only truly love if we have him as our center. Very Grateful for my Heavenly Father.
Well, this being Cora's first Christmas we are enjoying sharing in family traditions with her and watching her eyes light up as she experiences the love of a family. This sweet girl has taught us a lot about love and joy. So blessed to call her daughter. Christmas Pictures, Tree Decorating and Homemade Sugar Cookies, Christmas Stories, and Movies are all some of the fun traditions we have, but we added our own little Elf this year to the family. His name is Chestnut!!!!!
Cora asked if he was real the next day, after we read the story about him the night before watching for good behavior. She found him being rescued by our firefighter nutcracker. LOL
Me and My Boys

Daddy and his Girls

Getting ready to decorate some sugar cookie goodness

Happy Little Girlies!!!!!

Sweet Corbin and his Daddy

Leggio Loves

Tree Decorating

Favorite ornaments hung

More Tree Decorating


It's Done!!!!!


Adopted our Elf Chestnut

Sweet, Happy Girl