Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Piano Recital 2014

We were very blessed to get Ms. Hannah for our Piano teacher this year. She is such a good and talented teacher of music. Loving, encouraging, and just the right firmness to motivate these boys. We have seen Austin and Corbin's piano level jump tremendously. They love her too. Corbin even did his recital this year. The first one in three years of Piano, and he was a brave boy.
Ms. Hannah had the recital at an assisted living home in town. This was such a great idea to be able to bless the elderly with Christmas music from children. They were so precious coming into watch the kids. A lot of our family came to watch the boys too.
Ms. Hannah and the boys

Proud of Corbin

Proud of Austin too!!!!!

Leggio Loves

Uncle Josh and Aunt Tammy

Maw Maw and Ethan

Grandpa and Grandma Leggio

My Precious Grandparents and nephew Oliver

Mimi, Papaw and girls

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas.......................................

All things Christmas are happening over here. Focusing first and foremost on Jesus, the one who came to save us from ourselves. What a love God had to send his only son for us. In this season I stand in awe of the Love of our God. He Loves Big, and we can only truly love if we have him as our center. Very Grateful for my Heavenly Father.
Well, this being Cora's first Christmas we are enjoying sharing in family traditions with her and watching her eyes light up as she experiences the love of a family. This sweet girl has taught us a lot about love and joy. So blessed to call her daughter. Christmas Pictures, Tree Decorating and Homemade Sugar Cookies, Christmas Stories, and Movies are all some of the fun traditions we have, but we added our own little Elf this year to the family. His name is Chestnut!!!!!
Cora asked if he was real the next day, after we read the story about him the night before watching for good behavior. She found him being rescued by our firefighter nutcracker. LOL
Me and My Boys

Daddy and his Girls

Getting ready to decorate some sugar cookie goodness

Happy Little Girlies!!!!!

Sweet Corbin and his Daddy

Leggio Loves

Tree Decorating

Favorite ornaments hung

More Tree Decorating


It's Done!!!!!


Adopted our Elf Chestnut

Sweet, Happy Girl

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

We headed to the Country for Thanksgiving with some yummy food, fishing, shooting guns and running around. The kids always have fun going to Joe's Grandparents for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a blessed day.

Liendo Plantation 2014

For the first time we headed out to Liendo Plantation's Civil War Weekend. It was Cold and Rainy, but we braved the storm and had a good adventure. My Boys LOVE History, any kind especially if it includes a battle. We stayed and watched the whole battle, walked around the different camps, toured the plantation home, had some homemade Root Beer and Licorice and some Yummy Kettle Corn.
On The Grounds of The Plantation

Some women weaving wool into string.

My History Lover

The Yankees Marching Out to Battle

Watching the Battle and eating Kettle Corn

Snuggled Up with Daddy to keep warm

The Blue and The Red Fighting. The Red were pushed back in this battle.

Zoo Lights

We headed to the Houston Zoo for their Zoo Lights Spectacular. Over 2 Million lights that we enjoyed walking through. Cora was amazed with all the lights. Fun evening with the Family. Fun seeing our sweet Cora this Holiday season embrace all things family and fun. Often at night I get quite teary when I tuck her in and see the Joy in her eyes. They Sparkle!!!!!!! What a Redemptive Father we have.
The Leggio Loves

Austin and his fav color

Corbin and his fav color

Me and the Girlies

That would be my boys

Walking through the pretty lights

Posing for mommy

He is a Nut, and makes us laugh. Dancing his way through the lights. Not the best pic but funny.

The Hubby and Me