Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

We read A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting. This book is precious, and the kids, Bigs and Smalls loved it. To tie in our book we made leaf turkeys. Construction paper and glue and leaves from the yard, and you have your turkey. It was a fun easy craft. Fun memories and happy Leggio Loves. We also have been doing some Thanksgiving Mad Libs which are keeping us laughing.
My Little Turkeys
Miss Mia's Turkey

Austin's Turky

Corbin's Turkey

Ethan's Turkey

Cora's Turkey

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings

Have I said I LOVE Fall and all that it brings. The beautiful leaves, Thanksgiving, reminders to be so ever thankful for many, many things, and my birthday :).
This week in school we are going to be reading books on Thanksgiving, and Thankfulness, and doing a fun activity or craft to go along with it.
Todays book was The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings. After we read we painted Q-tip Thankful Trees, and everyone had to write one thing they were thankful for.
I am Thankful for Jesus and his sacrifice for us. How he loves us. A beautiful example he left us on how to live out his LOVE.
Todays Book

Leggio Loves hard at work on their trees

Ethan is Thankful for his Daddy's job

Corbin is Thankful for his family

Mia is Thankful for her mama
Cora first said she is thankful for her daddy, then wrote her family

Austin is thankful for family and friends
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cora Upate

Thank you all for praying for Cora. We had an MRI on October 30th. We are praising God that there were no masses on her brain or optic nerve. The only thing they saw was her Optic nerve is small in her left eye. Right now her vision is 20/20 so we aren't going to worry about it right now. It is just something we will keep an eye on. So Thankful!!!!
It was a scary day for her, even though her English is doing so well, it was a hard thing to explain. She was supposed to drink some pink princess cocktail juice to calm her before putting her to sleep, but she put it in her mouth looked at all of us and spit it all right back out. Tried to bribe her with a Target run after procedure too. LOL We ended up having to hold her down until she fell asleep which took a matter of a minute because she was screaming. She was under three hours and woke up one happy little girl who said "Mommy can we go to Target"
Cora is doing great. Her English has blown us away how good she can speak and understand, She knows her colors, almost all her letters and sounds, and is doing addition and place value in her math book. She also has beautiful handwriting and loves doing school with mommy. She talks with me a lot about China and the differences in her schooling. The other day we were coloring and she said China doesn't have cream, light blue and mint colors. LOL She is a Smart little Cookie!!! We are so blessed to call her daughter and so thankful that God called us to her. We can't imagine our lives without our precious girl. God truly does knit a family together, it is beautiful, hard and sanctifying but the most PRECIOUS gift. Adoption is a blessing, and can save you from your self. Thank you Lord for calling us to our sweet girls, and blessing us with our boys.
Waiting in the kids waiting room to go back to Pre-Op

Waiting to go back for MRI

Biology Human Body

We had our Biology with The Jordan's yesterday. We meet every other week with our friends to follow up what we are reading about in Science during the week. We usually review vocabulary and do some fun hands on stuff to help it stick with the kids. It's fun and the kids always enjoy getting to see their friends.
This week was the human body. I set up four stations, a human body puzzle of the skeletal system, an ear and its anatomy to put together and a human body, also had the tablet out with an app where they could add different systems to the human body and see how they work. We also watched a short video on how the heart, veins and arteries work. It was a fun afternoon.
Always very thankful for this time with my children. Love being able to school them, and watch light bulbs come on and the excitement on their faces when it just clicks. And I learn so much too. It is a lot of work but so much JOY!!!!!!
Mommy's helping with the puzzle

Cameron and Ethan got the Human body put together and were working on the ear

Jack, Austin, and Corbin working on the anatomy app

Yeah!!!! It took awhile even with moms helping. LOL

Pinewood Derby

We had a Pinewood derby at our house with our friends The Jordan's. Joe got Pinewood Derby cars for six little boys and cut them to the boys specifications. It is so neat to watch the boys personalities come out in the car design and paint jobs. Joe built a track and made awards for all the kids. I am very blessed to have a hubby that is very intentional with all our kids. Daddy you are awesome and we love you very much.
Onto Pinewood Derby 2014 Pictures
Corbin the Knight and his car

Austin spent lot's of time painting

Ethan's car was fast

The girls helping launch the first race
The next race

Ethan won Pinewood Derby and our friend Cameron got Sportiest Car award

Austin got best paint job and Corbin best design

Friend Jack got Most Original and Samuel Best Detail
Sweet Boy

The Artist

Ethan had a need for Speed

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014

Trick or Treat 2014 was fun. We headed to our old neighborhood where my parents still live, and did Trunk or Treat. It was Cora's first Trick or Treat and she LOVED dressing up with the kids, and getting the candy. We also won one of the Prizes for our trunk decorations. $50 gift card to Amazon was a nice little bonus. Now onto a whole bunch of pictures.
My Leggio Loves

Our Valiant Knight

Our Captain America

Our Galaxy Guardian

Our Lil Pinkalicious

Our Lil Minnie Mouse

The kiddos with my grandparents

Me and The Hubby

Corbin and Mimi (My Mom)

Me and my Mom


Ethan and those Baby Blues


Little Miss Mia

Sweet Cora

Loved this Mind Craft Costume