Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY

We are continuing in our Christian Kids Explore Biology. We finished up our bird study, and have moved onto mammals. We took a trip to the zoo, and the boys did some nature sketching of birds, wrote down where they lived and what they ate and whether or not they were endangered or not. While we were there we talked to one of the zookeepers who was keeping watch over the male and female storks they were trying to breed. So we got to talk to her, and watch some of the behaviors of these birds. They are very moody and aggressive birds because they like to be alone. The male could attack the female because he felt threatened of her in his space. This is why they planted watchful eyes outside the stork habitat. It was interesting.
Our Science craft was to make your favorite mammal out of cupcakes and candy. The kids had a ball doing this and even more fun eating it. Mommy included who was sneaking chocolate icing. Yummy.
Outside the entrance to the zoo

Serious Sketchers

Waiting patiently on their brothers

These birds were so pretty

Sweet Cora

Corbin Sketching his bird

Corbin's Bear

Ethan's Bunny

Mia's I don't know. LOL

Cora had no clue what we were doing. LOL

Austin's Lion

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Johanna said...

awwww, LOL! I LOVE these pics so much!! Mia and Cora are starting to look like twins! ha!! wish we could school together, then maybe I could actually get some science done for once! ugh! ha! ....loved catching up on your blog! missing u!