Saturday, October 18, 2014

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

I Love Fall it is my favorite time of year. The weather is such a delight, and I love all things pumpkin including all the yummy food. I have been baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies lately, and I can't wait to bake up some more pumpkin goodness.
We headed to Dewberry farm this past week. Sweet Cora did not know what to do. The kids took off running and she stood there staring and taking it all in. It didn't take long for her to realize that there was fun to be had and fun she had!!!!
So, some have asked about an update on Cora. Sweet girl has to get a sedated MRI on October 30th to find the cause of her unhealthy optic nerve. Please be praying for her. They have given us a wide range of possibilities and guesses because we have no medical or family history on her. I am trying to keep thoughts captive right now and focus on what is true. Truth: God is in control. Holding to that. My mind does wonder some days and I get gripped with fear for her, but so thankful she is home and has a family. One thing we do know, her vision is good, so that has the doctor stumped a bit. Praising God for good vision. Will continue to update as we know more.
As for now we will continue to enjoy these blessings, and precious gifts from the Lord. So thankful for our Leggio Loves.
Happy Fall Yall!!!!!!
Corbin in the Hay loft his favorite

Mia pretending to be brave

Cora wondering what in the world this is. LOL

Farm Slides are the best

Jump for JOY

Farm Swings

Ethan posing on his horsey


The Corn Maze

We made it, we have an extra little in the pic. :) A sweet friend.

Gitty Up Cow

My Leggio Loves

Me and My Hubby

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY

We are continuing in our Christian Kids Explore Biology. We finished up our bird study, and have moved onto mammals. We took a trip to the zoo, and the boys did some nature sketching of birds, wrote down where they lived and what they ate and whether or not they were endangered or not. While we were there we talked to one of the zookeepers who was keeping watch over the male and female storks they were trying to breed. So we got to talk to her, and watch some of the behaviors of these birds. They are very moody and aggressive birds because they like to be alone. The male could attack the female because he felt threatened of her in his space. This is why they planted watchful eyes outside the stork habitat. It was interesting.
Our Science craft was to make your favorite mammal out of cupcakes and candy. The kids had a ball doing this and even more fun eating it. Mommy included who was sneaking chocolate icing. Yummy.
Outside the entrance to the zoo

Serious Sketchers

Waiting patiently on their brothers

These birds were so pretty

Sweet Cora

Corbin Sketching his bird

Corbin's Bear

Ethan's Bunny

Mia's I don't know. LOL

Cora had no clue what we were doing. LOL

Austin's Lion

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Because He Makes Me Laugh

He always makes me laugh and today was no exception. I walked out ready for church, nobody liked my scarf. So out walks Joe with the quilt off our bed. I about fell over with laughter. I love you honey and keep making me laugh. :)