Sunday, September 28, 2014

Making Memories

We have been making memories as a family of seven the past couple months. It is really neat to have a front seat to Cora and watch her experience things in a family. What a gift and blessing from God.
We got to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Uncle Josh, Aunt Tammy and my sweet nephew Oliver. It was neat that the movie kinda went along with school because we were studying Vikings. Love when that works out.
School is going well with all the kids, and I am seeing things click with all my kiddos in different areas where they once struggled. It is also a blessing to watch the light bulb come on in their timing. We painted Bird houses because we were studying birds and their habitats. Then we had our Science day with the Jordan's and we dissected Owl Pellets. That was pretty cool. I know it sounds gross but it was fun and a learning experience. Plus I got the fake ones not the real ones. :)
An a Happy note the girls are getting along more and more. Praise God they are forming a special sister bond.
And since we have been schooling since that third week in June we decided to surprise the kids with an overnight at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. We totally pulled it off and they had no idea what we were doing. The car was packed and they didn't even know it. :) It was so fun to surprise them. We cherish this time with our kids, and it was a sweet and precious time for bonding on waterslides. :) We had so much fun riding with the kids and watching them play. And let me tell you Cora surprised us and rode EVERYTHING. Not kidding, she was fearless. Miss Mia even went down one big slide by herself.
We have a prayer request for sweet Cora. We found out this Friday her Optic Nerve looks unhealthy and her Retina looks under developed. The doctor called me Friday evening and left a message for me to call him on his cell phone. This sent this mama to worrying a bit especially when he gave me worst case scenario. I know God is big and he knew that she needed to be in our family .But my mama heart was aching for our sweet girl.  We are so blessed to have her as our daughter. Please pray as we go see the pediatric specialist that everything will be good and her eye will look healthy and that they will not need an MRI.
My Leggio Loves

Hanging with Uncle Josh, Aunt Tammy and Oliver

Painting our Bird houses

Corbin's Masterpiece
Ethan concentrating

Austin's sweet smile

The Sweet Girlies

Bonding and becoming great friends

Owl Pellet Dissection
Silly Girls

Great Wolf Lodge Surprise

Let's Hit the Slides

Sweet Boy

Mia having a ball

Lazy River Fun
All the Bigs and Daddy

Leggio Loves