Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blueberries for Sal and Cora's 2 and a 1/2 months home

Bringing home an older child we honestly didn't know what to expect. There are lot's of unknowns that surround older child adoption, and until you are with them and home you just don't know. We knew God was calling us to our sweet Cora, and also knew he would stand in the gap no matter how hard. China was hard on this mama heart, but I just kept focusing on home. 

Home was the change we needed, and falling into our routine was just what was the perfect medicine. So we jumped into schooling a week after we got home from China. For our sweet Cora this was what she needed. She needed routine and stability and something predictable everyday. This is when we started seeing a change in her, walls coming down, a precious flower starting to blossom. She has blossomed so much and is such a joy to teach. She LOVES school time and lights up when we start. We are using Before Five in a Row , it is a literature unit study approach to learning. I can't even to begin to tell you how much this has helped her understanding of English. She loves being read the stories, and repeating them all week has helped her understand the names of things and what they are, and what they are used for. It is neat to watch it all unfold and I am very blessed to have a front seat to it. Just this past week she is speaking in sentences. Can you believe it? Sentences people. It is so awesome!!!!! We have also been using some Picture Cards with her that we bought here. These also help immensely. 

This week we are rowing our Blueberries For Sal. We have  learned the Letter S, the color Blue, Counted Blueberries with this fun game, number recognition, and fine motor skill work. Cora and Mia are having a blast and I am in Love with Five in a Row. I wished I new about it when my boys were smaller. Corbin could do it, but we are doing Early American History with Beautiful Feet and it is Literature based too. Maybe there is more littles in our future. LOL I will definetly move onto the Five in a Row volumes after BFIAR. LOVE I tell you.

Here are some pictures of our week. 

Happy Girlies Ready to Start a new story

Playing our blueberry counting game

Putting Blue tissue paper over numbers 1-8

Good for color recognition, fine motor skills, and number recognition

Mia's finished project

Cora happy to do her photo recognition cards


Sharon said...

So happy to hear that Cora is doing well!! What a blessing!!

Jenn said...

LOVE this!! I think I will do this with my kids tomorrow

Luciana said...

Fantastic that Cora is blossoming.

johanna said...

I LOVE this post!!! I love BFIAR, we are planning on doing that next year! She is truly blooming!

likeschocolate said...

So happy you have been able to find a great educational tool. Always such a blessing. Love that book. Happy to hear that miss Cora is doing so well. Yahoo!