Friday, August 15, 2014

Backyard Campout

My boys have begged for a back yard camp out from the day we moved to our home with 3 acres at the beginning of last September. I told them please let this mama get settled and then we will talk. So finally I caved and daddy planned, and the date was put on the calendar. So tonight was the night and we have Happy little boys, and some excited girls. :)
Daddy bought flashlights for all the kiddos to play flashlight tag, then I headed to hobby lobby and got camo bandanas, and then I got even more adventurous and got the boys black shirts with iron on army patches that I did right before all the boys came. Hobby Lobby is dangerous and gets my creative juices flowing.
Tents are set up, zip line is done, fire is going, marsh mellows are roasting and happy little boys are running around the 3 acres. We expect them all to end up in the air conditioning for bed tonight but the tents are out there so we will see.
Now onto the picture fun
You can just see the happiness

Cora happy to be outside paying

Sword fighting with sticks of course

My sweet boy Corbin

Boy Camp Fun

The Camp


Okay, Austin had to call his buddy that moved away last summer because he was really missing him tonight, and was sad he wasn't here to be at the boy camp. They have been buds since birth. So hard when friends move away. We miss you Pigott Fam!!!!!!!

My Leggio Loves

Cora trying to figure what this camp out is?

Little Miss Mia

If you look in the background one of the boys is flying on the zipline

Camp Out fun!!!!!



Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

Heather said...

Super fun! Mom points (and Dad points) for all of the extra fun touches!!!