Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blueberries for Sal and Cora's 2 and a 1/2 months home

Bringing home an older child we honestly didn't know what to expect. There are lot's of unknowns that surround older child adoption, and until you are with them and home you just don't know. We knew God was calling us to our sweet Cora, and also knew he would stand in the gap no matter how hard. China was hard on this mama heart, but I just kept focusing on home. 

Home was the change we needed, and falling into our routine was just what was the perfect medicine. So we jumped into schooling a week after we got home from China. For our sweet Cora this was what she needed. She needed routine and stability and something predictable everyday. This is when we started seeing a change in her, walls coming down, a precious flower starting to blossom. She has blossomed so much and is such a joy to teach. She LOVES school time and lights up when we start. We are using Before Five in a Row , it is a literature unit study approach to learning. I can't even to begin to tell you how much this has helped her understanding of English. She loves being read the stories, and repeating them all week has helped her understand the names of things and what they are, and what they are used for. It is neat to watch it all unfold and I am very blessed to have a front seat to it. Just this past week she is speaking in sentences. Can you believe it? Sentences people. It is so awesome!!!!! We have also been using some Picture Cards with her that we bought here. These also help immensely. 

This week we are rowing our Blueberries For Sal. We have  learned the Letter S, the color Blue, Counted Blueberries with this fun game, number recognition, and fine motor skill work. Cora and Mia are having a blast and I am in Love with Five in a Row. I wished I new about it when my boys were smaller. Corbin could do it, but we are doing Early American History with Beautiful Feet and it is Literature based too. Maybe there is more littles in our future. LOL I will definetly move onto the Five in a Row volumes after BFIAR. LOVE I tell you.

Here are some pictures of our week. 

Happy Girlies Ready to Start a new story

Playing our blueberry counting game

Putting Blue tissue paper over numbers 1-8

Good for color recognition, fine motor skills, and number recognition

Mia's finished project

Cora happy to do her photo recognition cards

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mercer Arboretum

Today we headed to the Mercer Arboretum. We had never been before, and we were blown away with how beautiful it was. This went along perfectly since our Biology study is on plant reproduction right now. The Bees, Butterflies and Birds were all over, and the kiddos could watch cross pollination right in front of them. God's creation is so beautiful. The kids were commenting that this could be like what the Garden of Eden looked like. It was truly breathtaking. Love to study God's beautiful Creation, it is such a gift.
We are on day 51 of our new school year. The boys are enjoying our American History Study with Beautiful Feet and the girls are Loving doing Before Five in a Row. And our Christian Kids Explore Biology takes us on all types of adventures outside to make it come alive to them, like today.
Leggio Loves and the Jordan family. Cora was in a mood, gotta love her fake smile.

Pond full of beautiful fish

Just loved this flower that grows in the water

Bees Pollinating

My two big Leggio Loves

Jack and Corbin buddies

The tribes

Cora happier now

These two cuties are such a mess

Don't they look strong

The Big Boys Austin, Cameron, and Ethan

Friday, August 15, 2014

Backyard Campout

My boys have begged for a back yard camp out from the day we moved to our home with 3 acres at the beginning of last September. I told them please let this mama get settled and then we will talk. So finally I caved and daddy planned, and the date was put on the calendar. So tonight was the night and we have Happy little boys, and some excited girls. :)
Daddy bought flashlights for all the kiddos to play flashlight tag, then I headed to hobby lobby and got camo bandanas, and then I got even more adventurous and got the boys black shirts with iron on army patches that I did right before all the boys came. Hobby Lobby is dangerous and gets my creative juices flowing.
Tents are set up, zip line is done, fire is going, marsh mellows are roasting and happy little boys are running around the 3 acres. We expect them all to end up in the air conditioning for bed tonight but the tents are out there so we will see.
Now onto the picture fun
You can just see the happiness

Cora happy to be outside paying

Sword fighting with sticks of course

My sweet boy Corbin

Boy Camp Fun

The Camp


Okay, Austin had to call his buddy that moved away last summer because he was really missing him tonight, and was sad he wasn't here to be at the boy camp. They have been buds since birth. So hard when friends move away. We miss you Pigott Fam!!!!!!!

My Leggio Loves

Cora trying to figure what this camp out is?

Little Miss Mia

If you look in the background one of the boys is flying on the zipline

Camp Out fun!!!!!


Monday, August 11, 2014

More Schooling

We are 41 days into our new school year. Our new school year usually starts for us in June when everyone is getting out of school. We refresh and reevaluate what we used the year before and adjust schedule and keep on going. This year right before summer we had done our China unit study and then traveled to China to get our newest addition. That was Amazing experience for our boys that they will always remember. I Love making things come to life for them.
I am going to list our schooling material this year, mainly for me to look back and see what has worked for our family and to record our memories. Don't ever feel you need to use what I use. Every family is uniquely made and designed.
For Bible and this is new this year Proverbs People by Rick and Marilyn Boyer, and I read biographies about missionaries to the kids Ywam is where I get them and they are great stories.
For Math we use Math U See and have from the very beginning of homeschooling. My kiddos have such a good understanding of math.
For Spelling and this is new for us this year is Spelling You See, I will revisit this as we progress through and see how the boys spelling goes. I do love the copy work and dictation it uses to teach spelling.
For Science We use Christian Kids Explore Biology, last year we used the Earth and Space one. I LOVE this Science for my kids. Lot's of hands on and shorter lessons, vocabulary, and scripture memory too. And it encompasses writing assignments and such in it too.
For learning Cursive we use Classically Cursive, We are on the third one in this series and the big boys are writing and reading cursive well. Plan on starting Corbin soon.
For History we are using Beautiful Feet American History The Primer with Corbin and Intermediate with Austin and Ethan. This encompasses literature, research, verbal and written narration, vocabulary and scripture. It is awesome and I am so thankful to my friend Sharon for bringing this mama back to her roots. I love teaching using literature and am very familiar with Beautiful Feet books. We have used their Geography guides and they are great.
For the girls thanks to my Precious Friend again for introducing me to Before Five in a Row. They are loving rowing these books and getting so much out of the time with me reading and the little project we do.
For Spanish we use Rosetta Stone everyday
Also for Cora I do picture cards of things to help her with her language, and to build up her English vocabulary. We run through those everyday and it only takes about ten minutes.
Cora is also doing handwriting, and is doing well with letter recognition and sounds of letters.
And the hubby puts it  all in a neat schedule for me and it works. So thankful!!!!
Our nature hike for our Biome study with the Jordan family

This is Mia doing our project about what Jesse Bear ate that day.

Cora Coloring Red shirt and Blue pants to dress Jesse Bear

We rowed Jesse Bear What Will You Wear last week.

Cora's handwriting letter B's

Scratch Bears these were a hit!!!!!! Even with the boys.

Cora spent an hour on hers

Today We rowed The Little Rabbit and we sorted colors

And Put Sticker B's on Bunnies Cora likes Yellow

Mia is Purplicious today. :)

The Dudes in the Family. Love these boys!!!!!
Ethan proud of his narration about Leif Ericson

Austin's Narration

Corbin's Copy work and Color page for Eric the Red

Ethan's Narration