Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bikes and Biomes

I know strange title to a blog post, but that is life in our house. Bikes were all the fun last week. Cora got her first Bike, all the kiddos got new helmets, and Ethan got an Adult Bike because he is about to pass me up in height. Cora is loving her Bike with Training wheels, and it is pure JOY to watch her ride. Love watching her experience new things.
And Biomes well that is where we were in Science this past week. We made desert Biomes, with brown construction paper, gold glitter paint for the sand, the littles cut and colored animals that lived in a desert Biome, and the big boys wanted to get their art on and draw their own desert animals.
Fun week, thankful for God's Blessings. Even in the midst of me being a tired mommy I wouldn't trade any of it.
Cora and her new ride

Princess Mia and her Trike

Austin my sweet middle boy

He is that cute and can talk this mama into almost anything

My sweet Big Boy Ethan. Growing Up to Fast.

Cora being creative

Miss Mia overdoing the Glitter Paint

My Studious Son

Ethan's Biome

Cora, Corbin, Ethan and Austin


Shay Ankerich said...

A perfect week!!! We need new helments too. Love you!! Beautiful family!!!

Luciana said...

Happy to see everyone enjoying their rides :)

Johanna said...

oh friend, keep posting homeschooling pics because i really need to get inspired since we start soon! ack!!! ;) Love the pics, esp seeing Cora grafted in. Beautiful!!!