Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Being Gracie's Voice Helping Her find Her Baba and Mama

Gracie is an amazing little girl that has grown up with our daughter in the orphanage. I found out about Gracie from another adoptive mama who was adopting another little girl from the same orphanage. See these girls used to be a group of four. Four little girls brought together by the worst of circumstances, but given each other as Forever Sisters.
So each of the other little girls has found their Forever Families, and Gracie has been so happy to see her best friends and sisters find their Mama and Baba. But now its Gracie's turn at a Forever Family.
That day we went to the orphanage with Cora it rocked our world. Gracie wasn't just a picture she was real. She has a heart and joy that we will never forget. She would bounce back and forth between Joe an myself rubbing our face and hugging us and calling us Baba and Mama.  It just about ripped this mama's heart out to leave her behind. That day as she watched Cora, the last of her friends getting ready to leave I could see the desperation in her eyes and longing for her Forever Family to take her home. I told her I would try my hardest to find her Baba and Mama and tell them what a wonderful blessing they would be getting if they adopt her.
See Gracie's file has a lot of unknowns. But just meeting her and seeing her Joy and Love I would hate for someone to miss the blessing of Gracie. Whatever mental issue they say she has is hard to pinpoint because she honestly acts so normal.  One of the main reasons why they say something is wrong is because she has a hard time speaking words clearly.  We asked them if she has ever had a hearing test because that could be a big reason why she is not speaking clearly. She is very smart about what is going on around her. She was lecturing our daughter Cora on how she needed to help mama sweep, and do laundry and not to be lazy but help. It was so funny. She even counted to a hundred for us. :) Precious I tell you.
Gracie is Joy, She loves to Laugh, Snuggle, Play, Loved my other children and interacted with them. My prayer for Gracie is she gets the chance of a Forever Family, they will be blessed beyond measure with this sweet girl. 
Please contact me at aleggio@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting Gracie.

She is a Happy Girl

Gracie playing with my son Ethan


Forever Friends and Sisters

The Four Girls Gracie is in Navy Blue in the back.

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ourchinagirls said...

Maybe it is because she is waiting for you to be her family!