Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Welcome Home

We are Home!!!!! And so happy to be here. This week has been rough with major jet lag from us and the kids. Also just adjusting to another person in the house. The kids are trying to figure out the pecking order again, and miss Mia and Cora are having to learn to share. Neither one are good at sharing.
Cora honestly is doing well. She pretty much goes with the flow. With older child adoption we have found that they come with personalities, and bad habits that they have picked up at the orphanage. This is hard but we are being diligent, loving but firm. She needs boundaries. Cora is pretty rough even when she hugs you it is almost like being tackled. She will punch you and laugh or pinch. We are trying to teach her what gentle is and how to love. She has almost knocked down many of the family members that have come to visit her. Also they do not teach please and thank you in the orphanage and you know in the South this is a must.  I know in time she will learn but this is just some of the things we are working on.
Language Barrier is also hard. She gets frustrated and we do too. We are having her watch Leap Letter Factory and Word Factory everyday to help with sounds. We have done alphabet puzzles going over sounds. Its only been a week and she can say everyone's name including the dog. :) I wasn't going to start school with her right away but she wants to.  I ordered her a math book (Starting her with Math U See Primer) and The Queen Handwriting and Language Lessons. I think structure and daily routine will do her good.
Cora is fearless (except for Dog's) yesterday we swam and tubed behind the boat. She wanted to do it all and laughed and smiled the whole time. Times where my heart just says Thank you Jesus for the gift of Cora is at night when we tuck her in. She gets such a safe, loving, content smile when we say prayers and tuck her in at night. That's when it hits me how blessed we are to be her parents and to think just a few weeks ago she never had a daddy or mommy to tuck her in. Breaks my heart and is very sobering how far we have come in a few short weeks.
Some may ask if we would adopt older child again. And yes we would, younger and older both have challenges and those first weeks and months are so hard, but If God calls you to a child how can you tell the creator no. We feel honored and blessed by both our girls born in our hearts. So very thankful for all our children.
We had a sweet group of special people at the airport to welcome us home. I just can't say enough what it meant to this mama's heart to see them and feel their support. They also stocked our fridge and freezer with fresh veggies and Chinese food for our girl.The grandparents were awaiting at our home with coffee and breakfast made for us when we got home. It was a great day!!!!! Cora you are very loved by all. Praying God captivates your heart sweet girl.
Our welcome home at airport

So happy to see friends

Introducing Cora to the girls



likeschocolate said...

So much has been going on here the last few weeks that I forgot you guys are home now. Congratulations! So so exciting! I hope the transition home has been an easy one. I know that just as things start to get better in China coming home can make it so it is like starting all over again. Sending prayers and Hugs from Atlanta-Kelleyn

Sharon said...

So happy you are home!! Praise The Lord!! One less!!

Heather said...

Welcome Home, Sweet Leggio Family! <3

Johanna said...

oh PRAISE GOD!!!! This post brought tears as I saw your welcome home shots! God is good.....
and Gianna has come with orphanage behaviors too that arent fun! we are working on "nice touch too" LOL.
in time..... :)
Praying always sweet friend, love you lots!

Cynthia In Denver said...

Welcome home!!! It was such a joy to meet you all in GZ! Looking forward to watching the kids grow together in your blog posts.