Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Cora Girl

Everything seems to being going better in Guangzhou. Our feisty girl is showing more and more of her sweet and playful side (even with mommy). Thank you all for praying for Cora and for us.
In her province it was hard. She was grieving for what she was loosing, friends, and a nanny who she loved a lot. Unlike toddler adoption older children verbalize their grief with words and actions that are hard sometimes. Especially for these mamas who have loved and prayed over their paperwork for months upon months. I think it is good to remember God's Grace and Love in this time. Grace for your child who is grieving and God's love because he is bigger than grief.
We are in love with our daughter, she belongs to the one who is our redeemer. Just like he redeemed us and called us Sons and Daughters.
Cora is letting me hold her hand when we are out, do her hair (she wants bows), starting to be more playful with mommy, fix her food.
About Cora, She is quiet most of the time accept in hotel room, laid back and goes with the flow, doesn't complain ever, doesn't ask for anything ever (even when we offer she says no), very, very playful, loves on the whole family, and is filling big sister role well with Mia. Mia was complaining tonight that she was tired and Cora sounding just like Mia and making fun said I tired!!!! It was hilarious.
Streets of Guangzhou

Buying a piece of Amber at the market

At the Chen Family Temple

Beautiful piece of embroidery

Chen Family Temple

Garden Hotel Lobby

Cora feeding giraffes at the zoo

Yes Jos is Mr. Funny Guy

The fire department trying to talk this guy off the ledge.

Shoe shopping for the girls

Happy mama with her Starbucks

Cora fell asleep in Taxi


Luciana said...

Yay! Happy post! I knew she couldn't resist her sweet mama for too long :)

Alicia said...

Just got up and prayed for the Lord to renew Cora's heart and put in her a deep love for you! You are loved and prayed for back at home! Can.t WAIT to hug your necks!

likeschocolate said...

Wonder what Joe would have done if that Giraffe would have tried to kiss him back! Kind of gross to even think about! So happy things are getting better! Guangzhou for us was like going to paradise!

Trevor Hicks said...

We are praying for you guys relentlessly. Can't wait to meet Cora and hear all the stories.

- The Hicks'

Heather said...

Beautiful photo to end with ... your big guy plays the role of big brother beautifully!

Joshua said...

We've been praying for y'all. I can't wait to meet and spoil my new Chiniece!

Shay Ankerich said...

YAY! Glad Cora is deciding she hit the jackpot with her family!!! What a blessing! Think and pray for you often!!!

Jennifer said...

So happy Cora is starting to bond with you. It will only get stronger and stronger. I mean really, how can she resist?? ;) Will keep praying for y'all