Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chenzhou Orphanage and Hearts Forever Changed

On Wednesday morning the day after Gotcha Day we boarded a bullet train headed for Chenzhou Orphanage. This is where our daughter spent eight years of her life. What awaited us there would shake our whole family and we are all forever changed inside.
Until you physically see with your eyes you will never know the feeling of children staring deep into your eyes with a desperation for a family. Cora's orphanage housed mostly children with special needs. Children who desperately need the love of a family.
I had the priviledge of watching my children play and love on these children without fear, and with our Fathers love. I saw my children see a need and pray healing over babies. I was in awe as I watched the Lord work in and through my children.
This mama fell in love with a little boy that I got to hold and snuggle with. I saw him laying there and something drew me to him. I didn't really even notice he was missing an ear. He stared deep into my soul. I pray someday soon he too will know the love of a family.
There are four older children that need a mama and a daddy so very bad. I got to love and talk to each one. They are precious children. Please contact me if you are interested in them.
Also our precious Cora is having a really hard time with her new mama. She was very loved by her nanny at the orphanage and would go home with her a lot. She calls her mama. Please pray for her to be able to bond with me. It has been a very emotional couple of days with Cora and the orphanage visit. She is attached to her daddy and is getting along with the kids.
On Bullet Train headed to Chenzhou
Kids playing with the children in playroom

More playing

Joe playing with this sweet little boy

One of the baby rooms

Sweet Little Girl

Such a sweet smile

Precious little cleft lip baby 

Her smile lit up the room

Guide Amy and Cora and her two friends that desperately need a family



Mia loved, loved this little baby. She would go around and reach through the cribs and just touch them. When she came to her she told us she wants this baby to come home with us.

Mia with her baby

Isn't she beautiful

This sweet boy is so loving, his stare shook me when we were leaving. He is such a loving boy that needs a family and is so ready.


Cora was attached to this little girl

Beautiful, loving girl needs a family

This sweet boy needs a family


This is the little boy who stole my heart.

This is precious Gracie and she needs a family

Outside orphanage with director

Cora and her favorite nanny and orphanage staff

Cora and Gracie

Sweet boy


Annie Chase said...

Cora's Nanny is one of my favorites too :) We nicknamed her Joy because of her smiley and fun-loving personalty. I'm so glad you were able to visit the orphanage and THANKYOU for all the pictures. So thankful that Cora is finally yours!

Paige said...

sigh....brings back so many memories for me as well. My heart stops a little as I looked at each picture so similar to what I saw. Praying for all the precious ones living in their reality and praying for families for each one of them. Praying for sweet Cora daily!! Hugs my friend!!!

Shay Ankerich said...

I am praying for you all daily too~ many times daily! I think Cora is just suffering as she misses her nanny and routine. Give her time and love~ she'll come around. Praying all those precious babes waiting for a family!!! Yay for Guangzhou!!! Love and miss you! XOXO

Luciana said...

Amber, what a bittersweet day, I'm sure. The children are so precious. I have sent you an email.
Sending you hugs and praying for bonding and mending of broken hearts. xo

Cynthia In Denver said...

The reaching and their begging to be touched broke me.

Cara Norby said...

Any chance u know if the sweet little albino baby is available for adoption? Cara.

Kristin King said...

Hi!! I stumbled on your blog after Googling "Chenzhou orphanage". We are hoping to travel to pick up our sweet girl from Chenzhou at the beginning of November. I **think my daughter is the baby girl your Mia was in love with. She would have been about 9 months old then, but it definitely looks like my girl! You can check out my blog at I'd love to chat! Blessings, Kristin King