Monday, June 2, 2014

Beijing Day 2 and Day 3 Leaving for Changsha

We are loving being in China as a family, Day 2 Beijing we went to the great wall. The boys loved it!!!! It was a fun day exploring and walking on history. We took a Gondola ride up to the Great Wall, walked along the wall and tobagoned down.
Day 3 we just flew into Changsha and it is beautiful here. Very rural with rice fields and mountains. The city part has about 5 million people, but after being in Beijing it seems small town.
Tomorrow we get to meet Cora. We found out today our guide works with Love Without Boundaries and knows our sweet girl. She told us Cora (Pei Juan) is very excited to have a family and  that she can't wait. Be still this mamas heart. She also told us that she is a very sweet girl and loves little children.
Pray for Cora tomorrow and our family. Love to all!!!!
Gondola up to Great Wall just Beautiful

Daddy, Mia and Austin riding up


On top of mountain look out
The boys climbing the wall

My honey and me

Mia and Daddy

The boys

Lost in translation

Riding down with Corbin. Totally Fun!!!!


Jennifer said...

SO excited for y'all!! Can't wait to see y'all with your precious Cora tomorrow!! I'll be praying for all of you!

By the way, they didn't inform me of this tobagon thing or I would've been ALL over it!! LOL

Love ya! Just a few hours away from holding your sweet girl!! xoxo


likeschocolate said...

I was so bummed that the sled was closed in the winter! I think it would have been fun!

Johanna said...

YAY!!!! cant believe we are both in CHINA!!!! Now, praying for the miracle to hug you!!!!

Alicia said...

We have been praying for you all yesterday and especially now.......praying for a sweet bonding time with Cora and that the peace that passes all understanding will wash over your entire family. We love you all and cannot wait to meet the newest Leggio!

Maureen said...

Amber, I am so excited you are there and just hours away from holding your girl. I am on the edge of my seat!!!! Can't wait to see her in your arms. PRAYING for all of you. Update as soon as you can. Thinking of you.