Friday, June 27, 2014

Almost Two Weeks Home

We have been home almost two weeks with Cora. Each passing day, hour and minute she blossoms into God's beautiful design for her. We find out new things about her everyday. She LOVES to help mommy, and I find it so sweet. She wants to do school with the boys so badly and is doing well. She ADORES her daddy and it is precious. She runs and jumps in his arms when he gets home. Her and Mia are starting to play more and more. I think as the language barrier gets better they will play better too.
We started back to school in our house, and it was soooooo nice to have our routine back. Routine and structure have been so good for Cora too. It helps her feel safe and secure and you can see it.
This new school year we are doing Science on Wednesday afternoons with our dear friends The Jordan Family. This week was so fun to let the kids discuss and defend their faith with each other. We are using the Christian Kids Explore Series Biology. We love this science and look forward to a fun year with the kiddos.
Cora isn't doing Science quite yet. I am making sure I read books to her, play learning games, handwriting, letter recognition, and math. She also sits with us for Bible time and the reading of our missionary stories.
And another first for precious girl is her first Family Night. We celebrate Fridays with Family night. Fun Dinner, and Special Treat, Popcorn and a Movie or a Game. Tonight we built ice cream Sundays. The kids laughed as I let them pile on the Chocolate syrup, Caramel Syrup, Sprinkles, M&M's, Whip Cream and Cherries. I let them build it as high and as much as could fill the ice cream bowl. :) Tonight we are very, very thankful to be celebrating this Family Night as a family of 7. We are so Thankful for our daughter and all of you who helped bring her home. Thank You!!!!!!!!
A lot of Pics below but couldn't help it. :)
Cora doing Math puzzle game

Our Two China blessings

Forming our Earth's for Biology

The Littles Playing Playdough




Tonight awaiting the Ice Cream Sunday building

My Boy LOVES Ice Cream

Miss Mia and her Strawberry delight

Corbin and his pile of yummy goodness

Cora about to have her first Ice Cream Sunday. She wanted everything the other kiddos put on theirs.

Austin my non ice cream eating child who was happy with his cone and orange slices with sprinkles.

All snuggled up and ready to watch Cars 2


Johanna said...

oh I just love these photos and this update. To see the miracle of Cora being grafted into your family and GOd's faithfulness displayed brings me to tears for you sweet friend! Adoption is redemption....messy but so beautiful. Continuing to pray for your precious family!

Shay Ankerich said...

NEVER TOO many photos!!! LOVE every single one. Thankful Cora is home with her family learning what LOVE it! You are amazing and Cora is blooming in the arms of her family and Father. God bless you all!!! XOXOXO