Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enjoying Spring and Our China Unit Study

We are loving the beautiful Spring weather in Texas. it has been one of the prettiest Spring's I can remember since moving here.
The boys built birdhouses with daddy to put on the property (Mia has informed him she wants one too, so it looks like he needs to build two more for our girls) Each boy built and painted and picked which tree to hang it on. They love watching the birds and keeping an eye on the babies and watching them grow. We also had some fun playing in the Sprinklers the other day.
As we are gearing up to Travel for our sweet Cora Noel Leggio, I decided a China unit study for History would be fun. Also to  incorporate a Chinese Missionary and specific prayer for our brothers and sisters in China. I don't know if I told everyone but our children will all be going to China with us. We feel this will be very much a missional trip for them and also for them to see first hand the redeeming God does through adoption. I am very very excited our children get to go this time. I pray for my boys that this will grow them closer to the Lord, and give them more a kingdom outlook on reaching all nations for Christ.
Our daughter was orphaned beyond circumstances that we do not know, and may never know. What I do know is that God has called us to her, and through brokenness he is redeeming her. I am so thankful and grateful for this call. Such a beautiful picture of how we were once orphans separate from him and he redeemed us with his Great Love.
Our Article Five is set to issue on May 8th. Praying for a Quick Travel Approval (TA), and then we will be on our way to our sweet girl.
Austin and his Camo birdhouse

Sweet Corbin always Joyful

The Princess and her puppy LULU


Our China Lap books still working on them

Books we are reading for China unit study.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

You homeschool? How does one go about homeschooling. I am thinking of pulling my 11 year old. He is having a hard time with bullies and coping in the school system. His grades are good, but he sometimes acts out because he is frustrated with how some students treat him. Not sure what to do. Have a meeting with counselor on Monday.

Shay Ankerich said...

Fun times @ your house!!! LOVE the birdhouses!!! SO excited we are about to travel! Praying for quick TA too!!! Whoo hoo! Party @ the Garden! XOXOXXO

Nicole Renée said...

I would love to hear more about your China study!! When the kids are all a bit older, I'm thinking about spending a year studying Chinese history/culture. Would love to hear your thoughts on how you chose material!