Tuesday, May 27, 2014

China Itinerary

Wow, I can't believe we are leaving for China in two days. It all seems very surreal to me still. It will probably hit me on our long flight that we are headed for China. I can't believe that on June 3rd we will be meeting our sweet Cora face to face. I pray for her heart in this transition. All she has known is orphanage life for the last eight years. I often wonder what nanny will miss her sweet smile and presence their, and what little friend will be sad to see her walk away. This was her life and they are a part of her story. I never want her to forget the people that Loved her while she waited for her forever family. These precious people play a huge role in our daughters past. So, if you can stand in the gap and pray for our daughters heart as she embarks on a journey with us. One that God has ordained for her. I also pray that she will know him someday, the one who wrote our story to her and her story to us.
 Joe and I have realized that this life is all about him, and if we try to get in the way it just doesn't work. We need to let him lead, and we need to be obedient in where he wants us to go. People keep asking are we done adopting now, and commenting that we have enough children to take care of. We are not in control of these decisions, if he says we have another child than we follow that leading. Joe and I have learned never to say we are done. Only God knows. What we do know is our hearts will be forever broken for the Fatherless and Abandoned children all over the world, and we want to do our part, however that looks for our family.
I know I have mentioned that Joe's dad is traveling with us to China. This is a blessing to have an extra set of hands with the kiddos. Joe and I have been fasting for about three weeks now ,and one specific thing has been Joe's dad's salvation. We pray he sees God's love in a HUGE way on this trip, and is so overwhelmed by God's spirit that he surrenders his life to him. If you can be praying for this we would greatly appreciate it. What a beautiful thing to happen on this trip. Adoption into God's Kingdom.
Also, if you could be praying for safe travels and for all of us to stay healthy on our trip.

Here is our China Itinerary.

May 29 Leave Houston on Korean Air 10:40am

May 30 Arrive in Beijing at 8:05pm. Helen our guide will pick us up from airport and take us to Hotel.

May 31 Helen will pick us up at Hotel and we will tour Tianamen Square, The Forbidden City, and Hutong

June 1  Helen will pick us up at Hotel and we will tour Mutianyu Great Wall and she wants to take us to a good local restaurant for lunch

June 2 Helen will pick us up and take us to the airport to fly to Changsha, Hunan

June 2 Amy our new guide will pick us up from airport in Changsha and take us to our Hotel the Dolten Hotel. This is also a Holiday in China The Dragon Boat Festival so this should be great fun.

June 3 This is our Gotcha Day (the day we get Cora)

June 4 Amy our guide and our family will take train to Chengzhou and spend the day loving on the kids at the orphanage.

June 5 Adoption Ceremony Day and touring of Martyrs Park

June 6 Pack up and Amy will take us to airport to fly to Guangzhou

June 6 Arrive in Guangzhou, guides will pick us up and take us to Garden Hotel and give us our itinerary for our 7 day stay. Our Consulate Appointment is on June 12.
June 13 Take Van to Hong Kong
June 14 Leave for home Korean Air 12:48am
June 14 Arrive Home 8:05am


Julie said...

Tears. Thankful for your surrender and your obedience. So excited that Cora will soon be in your arms. Will be praying!

Leggio said...

Thanks you sweet julie

Leggio said...

I meant thank you. Lol

likeschocolate said...

Praying for your family and father-in-law! I felt like I walked with God those two weeks we were in China. I saw his face in each and every child and every family that opened their hearts.

Heather said...

Surreal! Selfishly I hope that you will find a little time to keep us updated while you are in China, if not, then I look forward to watching your journey unfold once you are all back with your sweet Cora! Love and prayers to you!

Leggio said...

I will try to post every night. I have a friend that said if I can't post to email her my blog post and she will put it on for me.

Alicia said...

Our precious friends....The Lord woke me up thinking about you this morning.......I'm praying for you all, thank you for these updates, we love you and your entire family! Love, the Berwicks

Leggio said...

Sweet Berwick family we love y'all bunches and covet your prAyers. Love yall