Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beijing Day One

The view out our hotel room is very humbling, it has touched my children's hearts and our hearts. We wanted our children to see China a country God has knit in our hearts and the Chinese people who need to know the love of their heavenly father. So continue to pray for us on our trip, for our children to be forever shaken inside to reach people for Christ, for divine appointments to share his love with others while we are here.
To be here as a family is just so amazing. We had a great time yesterday seeing Tiananmen Square,
The Forbidden City, Hutong, and we got to go to a tea house. The boys are doing so good but Mia is still adjusting to what is going on.
The view outside our hotel room

Another  view this is the train station

Across from Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Gate of Forbidden City

The boys taking it all in

In front of the female lion in Forbidden City
The boys have their own personal fan club

Austin by dragon in Forbidden City

Mia getting out much needed energy

Hutong Rickshaw Ride

Exploring Hutong Market
Ethan enjoying noodles at local noodle house
Corbin playing Chinese game in Hutong Market

The tea room. We all loved this.

Friday, May 30, 2014

We Are Here

After 20 hours of travel we have made it. We thank you sooooo much for your prayers and still covet them on this journey.
The kids all did pretty awesome. Mia had a meltdown in the hotel lobby, but she had been a trooper up until check in. She was done and needed to hit the bed.
We are about to head down to breakfast, and then meet our guide to tour Beijing today. The kids are excited.

Waiting to leave Houston

My boys

Daddy and the princess

Grandpa Leggio

Mia and mommy

Beijing arrival
Totally exhausted

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

China Itinerary

Wow, I can't believe we are leaving for China in two days. It all seems very surreal to me still. It will probably hit me on our long flight that we are headed for China. I can't believe that on June 3rd we will be meeting our sweet Cora face to face. I pray for her heart in this transition. All she has known is orphanage life for the last eight years. I often wonder what nanny will miss her sweet smile and presence their, and what little friend will be sad to see her walk away. This was her life and they are a part of her story. I never want her to forget the people that Loved her while she waited for her forever family. These precious people play a huge role in our daughters past. So, if you can stand in the gap and pray for our daughters heart as she embarks on a journey with us. One that God has ordained for her. I also pray that she will know him someday, the one who wrote our story to her and her story to us.
 Joe and I have realized that this life is all about him, and if we try to get in the way it just doesn't work. We need to let him lead, and we need to be obedient in where he wants us to go. People keep asking are we done adopting now, and commenting that we have enough children to take care of. We are not in control of these decisions, if he says we have another child than we follow that leading. Joe and I have learned never to say we are done. Only God knows. What we do know is our hearts will be forever broken for the Fatherless and Abandoned children all over the world, and we want to do our part, however that looks for our family.
I know I have mentioned that Joe's dad is traveling with us to China. This is a blessing to have an extra set of hands with the kiddos. Joe and I have been fasting for about three weeks now ,and one specific thing has been Joe's dad's salvation. We pray he sees God's love in a HUGE way on this trip, and is so overwhelmed by God's spirit that he surrenders his life to him. If you can be praying for this we would greatly appreciate it. What a beautiful thing to happen on this trip. Adoption into God's Kingdom.
Also, if you could be praying for safe travels and for all of us to stay healthy on our trip.

Here is our China Itinerary.

May 29 Leave Houston on Korean Air 10:40am

May 30 Arrive in Beijing at 8:05pm. Helen our guide will pick us up from airport and take us to Hotel.

May 31 Helen will pick us up at Hotel and we will tour Tianamen Square, The Forbidden City, and Hutong

June 1  Helen will pick us up at Hotel and we will tour Mutianyu Great Wall and she wants to take us to a good local restaurant for lunch

June 2 Helen will pick us up and take us to the airport to fly to Changsha, Hunan

June 2 Amy our new guide will pick us up from airport in Changsha and take us to our Hotel the Dolten Hotel. This is also a Holiday in China The Dragon Boat Festival so this should be great fun.

June 3 This is our Gotcha Day (the day we get Cora)

June 4 Amy our guide and our family will take train to Chengzhou and spend the day loving on the kids at the orphanage.

June 5 Adoption Ceremony Day and touring of Martyrs Park

June 6 Pack up and Amy will take us to airport to fly to Guangzhou

June 6 Arrive in Guangzhou, guides will pick us up and take us to Garden Hotel and give us our itinerary for our 7 day stay. Our Consulate Appointment is on June 12.
June 13 Take Van to Hong Kong
June 14 Leave for home Korean Air 12:48am
June 14 Arrive Home 8:05am

Friday, May 16, 2014


We are very excited over here to announce we will be leaving May 29 and heading to China to meet our daughter. Consulate appointment is confirmed and flights are booked. We are coming sweet girl. I know your world as you know it is about to change, and we are fasting and praying over you and for the transition that is about to take place. We Love you so much.

Gotcha Day is June 3!!!!!!

If our sweet family and friends could be praying over our trip specifically Cora and her heart, ministry opportunity's to share the Love of Christ with the people of China, for safe and healthy travels for our family and for all our luggage to arrive safe and sound. :)
Thank you all who have prayed and given to our fundraiser to help bring our daughter home. You have blessed our family beyond measure. We love all of you.

We are very, very excited.  13 days and it is go time!!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

We are officially waiting for Travel Approval for Cora

We are in the wait for Travel Approval. Our Article Five Issued on May 8th. We are ready to meet our sweet girl. A sweet friend sent me an Iphone video of our Cora. They were trying to get her to say mama. :) She has a bit of a twinkle in her eye and maybe some orneriness. :)
I was told she crawled over some bars that block the kids from getting in the window seal and she was running up and down the window seal and laughing. All while the nannies were scolding her. The pics below show her in the act. LOL
Can't wait to meet our spunky girl!!!!!!
This seriously cracks me up!!!!!!

Umm yes she has the innocent look down already

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sweet Love for our Cora Noel

We were blown away last night with the Love our friends have for our sweet girl already. We were given a shower for Cora, but the gifts are specifically for Cora and she will get to open them when she gets home from China. Everyone wrote sweet cards and messages to her.
Leslie made the cutest thing for Cora to hang in her room, and everyone signed a message to her. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all my precious sweet friends. It was such a perfect evening. We felt truly blessed and loved.
To top it off it had been storming pretty bad. Then it clears up a bit and this beautiful double rainbow fills the sky. We couldn't help marvel in how God has orchestrated this adoption and made a way for our daughter to come home.
Thank you Jesus!!!!!
I LOVE THIS. It couldn't have been more perfect.
Sweet Emalie, Leslie, and My Sister in Law Tammy

Me and precious Sandra who was adopted from Columbia 2 years ago. She is an Amazing girl.

My sweet friends Alicia, Jen, and Candice

More sweet friends Jaime and Kim ( Mia loves Miss Kim and pretends she is Ms. Kim LOL)

And More precious friends. Alicia, AnnMarie, Alicia B., and Me

Some of the guys with Joe

The kids having a Grand time swimming

We were all in awe of God's beauty and promises

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I have Peace

I have never shared my testimony on here, I guess someday I will. I grew up in what you would call an American Christian home. I went through the motions even getting baptized at 17,  while I was walking in sin. I know so ugly.
Good thing we have a redemptive Father who didn't give up on me. I can say that at 23 God smacked me right upside the head. I knew I wanted to passionately follow him for all the days of my life.
Fast forward  12 years later after my surrender ......For months he has been speaking Baptism to me, but my flesh was blowing it off (call it Pride). Today God spoke and it was very, very clear. Pride is keeping me from experiencing him completely and wholly. I love that our church always has extra towels just in case any one feels the spirit calling them to be baptized, because today I needed it.
God spoke!!!!!  At first again I tried to quench it, then my husband looks at me and says Amber you need to go. OKAY God I hear you. Then I stepped forward and back a couple times and started to cry. I walked quickly to my friend Candice our pastors wife and asked if Brian (Our Pastor) if he would baptize me.
The peace of Jesus overwhelmed me and filled my body. Thank you Jesus. You are alive and active and I want to live my life for you. Jesus you are precious to me. Thank you for what you did on the cross. Thank you for loving me through my pride.
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Corbin is 8!!!!!

Oh my sweet baby boy. I cannot believe you are 8!!!! Corbin is such a Joyful kid. He has a twinkle in his eye pretty much all the time. I often marvel at his JOY. Such a special blessing from God. He is such a happy, positive kiddo.
Since we make up a birthday party with our family (LOL) we decided this year to do something special as a family, and then have the grandparents and cousins over for a small party on a different day. Corbin's place of choice was Chuck E Cheese. :0 We went while school was in and it was pleasantly not crowded, which made the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.
Love this boy so much!!!! Love watching him grow into the little man God wants him to be.
Joyful Birthday Boy

Little Miss

My vegetarian, he doesn't eat pizza

My Leggio Loves

My other two Leggio Loves

Star Wars Cake!!!! Baked by mommy, decorated by daddy 

The Birthday Boy

My nephew Oli and Mia

Great Grandpa Terry and Corbin

Corbin wanted a keyboard for his birthday

Grandpa and Grandma Leggio and Corbin

Maw Maw Nowaski and Corbin


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Enjoying Spring and Our China Unit Study

We are loving the beautiful Spring weather in Texas. it has been one of the prettiest Spring's I can remember since moving here.
The boys built birdhouses with daddy to put on the property (Mia has informed him she wants one too, so it looks like he needs to build two more for our girls) Each boy built and painted and picked which tree to hang it on. They love watching the birds and keeping an eye on the babies and watching them grow. We also had some fun playing in the Sprinklers the other day.
As we are gearing up to Travel for our sweet Cora Noel Leggio, I decided a China unit study for History would be fun. Also to  incorporate a Chinese Missionary and specific prayer for our brothers and sisters in China. I don't know if I told everyone but our children will all be going to China with us. We feel this will be very much a missional trip for them and also for them to see first hand the redeeming God does through adoption. I am very very excited our children get to go this time. I pray for my boys that this will grow them closer to the Lord, and give them more a kingdom outlook on reaching all nations for Christ.
Our daughter was orphaned beyond circumstances that we do not know, and may never know. What I do know is that God has called us to her, and through brokenness he is redeeming her. I am so thankful and grateful for this call. Such a beautiful picture of how we were once orphans separate from him and he redeemed us with his Great Love.
Our Article Five is set to issue on May 8th. Praying for a Quick Travel Approval (TA), and then we will be on our way to our sweet girl.
Austin and his Camo birdhouse

Sweet Corbin always Joyful

The Princess and her puppy LULU


Our China Lap books still working on them

Books we are reading for China unit study.