Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passover Seder 2014

We have been doing a Passover Seder for maybe 6 years now and it is such a blessing to do. Our family looks forward to celebrating it. Thought the Jews didn't know it then, but the Passover that they celebrated every year pointed to the Messiah. It is a beautiful picture of Jesus.
We go through our home and pray that God would reveal any idols that are keeping us from him. For the week just for representation we rid all things with Levening (aka box it up and put it up for the seven days). This represents the sin in our lives. For us it is a fast to focus on the one who saved us from our sin.
Joe grilled lamb and it just melted in your mouth. I love lamb!!!!! and so do the kiddos. It was a yummy dinner and a wonderful celebration of what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross. Our friends the Jordan's joined us again. it just wouldn't be Passover without them.
After Passover there was usually dancing and music, this year the kids danced their hearts out to Dance techno music. It was hilarious and they had so much fun. All the kiddos had a blast.
The table is set

My Leggio Loves

Blair and Joe doing the washing of the hands

Cups held high for the first blessing

Look at those kiddos busting a move

That's my boy!!!!! He takes after his mama. LOL Mia popped in.

Sweet Corbin and Jack Jack


Mia Loves her a dance party

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likeschocolate said...

I keep wanting to do this and always forget. Next year maybe I will be on the ball.