Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mia is Four!!!!!!!

Princess Mia turned four and she LOVED every minute of her birthday. I will try to upload the video of us singing Happy Birthday to her, it will just melt your heart with the complete JOY on her face. She was all about sass today with the many facial expressions, but if you have followed our blog for awhile you may know that Mia has made those faces since China. So Hilarious!!!!!
Our girl is sweet, loving, feisty at times, strong, funny and we couldn't be more happy to celebrate her 4th birthday with her. We love our little princess so much.
Praying that her birth mom who loved her first, and had to make that difficult decision to choose life for her daughter somehow knows that she is so Loved.
We Love you sweet Mia!!!!!!
Her Hello Kitty balloon as big as her

Daddy said we are in trouble. LOL

Hello Kitty cake for our Princess designed by daddy

Sassy girl!!!!

Mia and Mommy (she is always hamming it up)

So is this boy!!!!! Love him

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Debbie Sauer said...

Happy Birthday Mia! So glad you are home for your birthday. Blessings